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At Taylor & Francis we have listened to feedback from our authors and funders and extended our open access option to cover more of our leading medical journals, including Postgraduate Medicine

Postgraduate Medicine publishes research which supports primary care physicians in solving clinical problems and improving patient care. Using our Accelerated Publication option lets you coordinate publication with key events, combining this with open access gives your research the opportunity to have the widest possible impact. Explore some articles that have used both our accelerated publication and open access options in Postgraduate Medicine in 2019 below.

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Management of hypoglycemia in older adults with type 2 diabetes is an open access article featured in our popular journal Postgraduate Medicine.  Published in February 2019 it has already received over 900 views within our platform as of July 2019.


Treatment of older adults with type 2 diabetes (T2D) is complex because they represent a heterogeneous group with a broad range of comorbidities, functional abilities, socioeconomic status, and life expectancy. Older adults with T2D are at high risk of recurring hypoglycemia, a condition associated with marked morbidity and mortality, because their counter-regulatory mechanism to hypoglycemia is attenuated, and recurring hypoglycemic episodes can lead to hypoglycemia unawareness. This article highlights the issues faced by older people with T2D, the risk factors for hypoglycemia in this population, and the challenges faced by health care providers regarding glycemic management in this patient group.

A proposed anti-maladaptive aggression agent classification: improving our approach to treating impulsive aggression is an open access article featured in our popular journal Postgraduate Medicine. Published in February 2019 it has already received over 300 views within our platform as of July 2019.


Proper drug categorization enables clinicians to readily identify the agents most appropriate for patients in need. Currently, patients with maladaptive aggression do not all always fall into a single existing diagnostic or treatment category. Such is the case for those with impulsive aggression (IA). IA is an associated feature of numerous neuropsychiatric disorders, and can be described as eruptive, aggressive behavior or a ‘short fuse’. The goal of this review is to begin improving the identification of and therapeutic approach for maladaptive aggression as well as IA through more precise anti-maladaptive aggression agent categorization.

How much does it cost to publish Open Access?

The Article Publishing Charge for these journals is £3,250/$4,800/€4,000

What licence can I publish under?

Our open access option allows the author to retain copyright under a CC-BY-NC-ND license. 

Why publish Open Access?

  • Immediate access to your article on publication, accessible by anyone, anywhere
  • High visibility and discoverability via Taylor & Francis Online
  • Input from, and dialog with, expert editors
  • Rigorous peer review for every open access article
  • Metrics (downloads, citations, and Altmetric data) for your article, so you can measure its impact

What are the benefits of Accelerated Publication?

  • Control your publication schedule with concrete deadlines
  • Stay ahead of the competition
  • Coincide publication with key events
  • Our Fast Track service is the fastest way to publish, with peer review completed in 1-2 weeks
  • Support and guidance from our expert editors, every step of the way