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Invasive Alien Species & Biodiversity: Impacts & Management

A new themed issue from Biodiversity

About this Themed Issue

Biological invasions are widely recognized for negatively impacting biodiversity around the world, from genetics to the landscape levels, whilst also causing severe social and economic problems. The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) recognizes that “there is an urgent need to address the impact of invasive alien species” (IAS) and recommends all parties “to prevent the introduction of, control or eradicate those alien species which threaten ecosystems, habitats or species”.

This themed issue aims to contribute to our bio-ecological understanding of the direct and indirect effects of IAS on biodiversity, with attention to:

  • (Multiple) effects of IAS on native biodiversity (e.g. at the species, community or habitat level);
  • Comparing effects of IAS under different management scenarios;
  • Effects of IAS on ecosystem services and/or human well-being (e.g. food security, health, etc.)

Contributions from countries within the global south are particularly welcome.

Click on the options below to read our Instructions for Authors and the Aims and Scope of Biodiversity. To submit your manuscript, email our Managing Editor, Vanessa Reid (reidva@biodiversityconservancy.org).

Instructions for Authors Aims & Scope

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How to submit your manuscript

Please submit your manuscripts in Times New Roman 12 pt by 01 December 2019 to Biodiversity’s Managing Editor, Vanessa Reid (reidva@biodiversityconservancy.org) and send the title (even if it is a working title) of the manuscript/opinion piece/book review etc you plan to submit by 01 October 2019. This themed issue will be published in late 2020 both in print and electronic editions, available through Taylor & Francis. A special board of editors will review the submitted manuscripts and publication of final papers will be subject to blind peer-review.

We also greatly encourage publication/book reviews, Forum and On the Ground pieces. An Opinion piece, as the name suggests, is the author's opinion on the subject. It can be as formal or informal in style and the word count can range from 500 - 3,500 words. References are optional and it is not peer-reviewed. An ‘On the Ground’ piece is a personal account from Biodiversity practitioners working in the field, sharing their experiences and insights. The word count can range from 500 - 3,500 words and references are optional.

Biodiversity – a Journal of Life on Earth is published in partnership with Taylor & Francis. Please visit the Taylor & Francis website for more information on submissions, subscriptions and to purchase individual articles and special issues.


Guest Editors: Sandra Citterio (sandra.citterio@unimib.it), Adriano Martinoli (adriano.martinoli@uninsubria.it), Rodolfo Gentili (rodolfo.gentili@unimib.it), and Urs Schaffner (u.schaffner@cabi.org)

Managing Editor: Vanessa Reid (reidva@biodiversityconservancy.org

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