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Introducing JIOR

The Journal of Inter-Organizational Relationships

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The Journal of Inter-Organizational Relationships (JIOR) is an interdisciplinary journal focused exclusively on interactions between firms, other organizations, groups, and subgroups both internal and external to an organization. In many marketing and management cases, relationships are the cornerstone for high performance, productive and efficient exchange. The contexts for such relationships include supply chain relationships, marketing channel relationships, third-party relationships, business-to-business relationships, regulatory relationships, strategic partnerships, export/import relationships, intermediary relationships, and intra-organizational relationships between groups, departments, or divisions.

The common themes that will drive JIOR are the theories, rather than the context, that explain relationships. These include, but are not limited to, transaction cost economics, agency theory, trust, commitment theory, control theory, stewardship theory, governance theory, power-dependence theory, and the study of contracts, both written and psychological. Contributions to new inter-organization theories are welcome.

Such theories can be applied to a variety of topics in marketing and management including relationship eco-systems and platforms, inter-group conflict, contract negotiations, relational business models, relationship formation and dissolution, the dark side of trust-based relationships, issues of control and coordination, the effects of technology on decision making, power imbalances, adverse selection and moral hazard, incentives, monitoring, contract enforcement, legal remedies, diversity of goals, internal organizational issues, control-trust dynamics, relational exchange, inter-group communication strategies, sales force relationships, goal misalignment, calculative trust and calculative commitment, and substitution and complementation of control processes.

Either conceptual or methodological theories are welcome. A strong thread that will run through all work accepted is managerial relevance. In addition, all papers must make a theoretical contribution to the field.

Editorial Decisions

Opinion pieces, MBA-style reports and other non-academic pieces are not acceptable. An active effort will be made to protect the reviewer’s time and commitment required to the journal, and therefore submissions that do not make an academic contribution to the field or advance the scope of knowledge and thought regarding business relationships will not be sent out for review. In addition, articles with a primary focus on statistics, mathematics and/or econometrics are inappropriate for JIOR. However, such articles may be appropriate if the model is used to advance knowledge in business relationships, and is not the primary focus of the paper.

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Dave Gilliland, Colorado State University

If you are interested in joining the Editorial Board please contact the Editor below.

Email Dave View the Editorial Board 

JIOR is pleased to welcome to the Editorial Review Board a number of top scholars in marketing, management, and other disciplines, and looks forward to working with the whole board to take forward the new vision for the journal. We invite you to check out the full list of editorial board members.

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