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Deadline: 1 December 2019

Festschrift for Malcolm Sawyer

Capitalism: an unsustainable future?

The International Review of Applied Economics (IRAE) invites papers for a Festschrift in honour of Malcolm Sawyer, the IRAE Founder, to be published in 2020 on Capitalism: an unsustainable future?

The last four decades have been variously viewed and conceptualised in terms of neo-liberalism, globalisation, and financialisation. During those decades, Soviet style communism collapsed and the ‘end of history’ was proclaimed. The financial crisis of 2007/09, though located in the North Atlantic area, had global consequences of recession and in general slower growth than hitherto. Alongside perceptions of secular stagnation, there is the mounting urgency to tackle climate change. There have been indications of ‘peak globalisation’ (at least in terms of international trade) and ‘peak financialisation’ (at least in terms of the scale of the financial sector in the industrialised world). Papers are invited within the broad themes of:

  1. The sustainability of global capitalism, and the current varieties of capitalism;
  2. Alternative futures for ownership forms, environmental sustainability, and economic organisation.
  3. Recent and future trends and policies in:

                    * neo-liberalism;

                    * globalisation;

                    * financialisation;

                    * inequality;

                    * issues of breaks within the past four decades.

Submission Guidelines

The Special Issue will be published in 2020.  Outline proposals for papers may be emailed to jonathan.michie@kellogg.ox.ac.uk but completed papers may also be submitted directly to the International Review of Applied Economics by December 1st 2019, noting that it is a special issue.  All submissions will be subject to the normal review process. When submitting, please include ‘Festschrift’ in the covering letter.

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