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Internet of Things (IoT)



Article Title Journal Title
Interactive learning through social media for large size classes in the clothing and textile curriculum International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education
Apps to increase student engagement: a case of textiles and apparel sustainability education International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education
Tablet-assisted education incorporating group activities in a university Journal of Information and Telecommunication
The “Internet of Things”: What It Is and What It Means for Libraries Medical Reference Services Quarterly
An Internet Role for the Academic Librarian? Australian Academic & Research Libraries
Training with the Web: Internet training in an academic library environment The Australian Library Journal
Ambient Findability: Libraries, Serials, and the Internet of Things The Serials Librarian
Social media identities of African immigrant youth: implications for educators Multicultural Education Review
Race, multiculturalisms and the role of science in teaching diversity: towards a critical post-modern science pedagogy Multicultural Education Review
Factors that influence teachers’ decisions to use smartphone clicker apps to enhance teacher-student interactions in university classrooms in Saudi Arabia Learning: Research and Practice
Why STEM? Why now? Educating for technologies, or technologies for education? Learning: Research and Practice
Treading softly in the enchanted forest: exploring the integration of iPads in a participatory theatre education programme Pedagogies: An International Journal
Understanding the use of technology-enhanced learning spaces in Hong Kong: an exploratory study Asia Pacific Journal of Education
The moderating influence of environment factors in an extended community of inquiry model of e-learning Asia Pacific Journal of Education

フリーブック: The IoT Security Revolution


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