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International Museum Day

Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion

To celebrate International Museum Day (IMD) 2020, we have put together a collection of articles centered around the Day’s theme ‘Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion’.

The collection explores the broad yet poignant aspects of the terms Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and how this relates to museum environments and professional practice.

We hope you enjoy IMD and this collection, which aims to both celebrate the current research on overcoming bias in museum communities and inspire further study on how we can strive for equality in our museum spaces and beyond.

With thanks to ICOM and MER for helping select articles for this IMD collection. Remember to follow the hashtags #IMD2020 and #Museums4Equality to find more resources for IMD 2020.

The articles below are free to access through this page until 30th June 2020.


Museum Management and Curatorship
Illusionary equality? Museum politics, practice and immigrant heritage
Grete Swensen & Torgrim Sneve Guttormsen
Museum Management and CuratorshipPositioning museums politically for social justiceDeniz Ünsal
Journal of Museum EducationPresence and Power: Beyond Feminism in MuseumsElisabeth Callihan & Kaywin Feldman
Museum InternationalNavigating Freedom: Social Cohesion Policies and the Democratic Cultural Landscape of Durban's Liberation Heritage RouteSteven Kotze & Bonginkosi Zuma2018
Museum InternationalThe Museum of our Discoveries: Empowering Young Refugees in an Urban ContextMarlen Mouliou2018


Museum Management and CuratorshipPost-multicultural challenges for cultural heritage managers and museums in the age of migrationsFabio Carbone
Journal of Museum Education
Activating Diversity and Inclusion: A Blueprint for Museum Educators as Allies and Change Makers
Wendy Ng,Syrus Marcus Ware & Alyssa Greenberg
Journal of Museum EducationThe Time Is Now: Empowering Educators to Examine and Address Race in Their ClassroomsCandra Flanagan
Museum InternationalCan Museums Keep Up With a Changing World? Skills Management as a Practical ResponseMarie‐agnès Gainon‐court & David Vuillaume2016


Museums & Social Issues
LGBTQ Welcoming Guidelines for Museums: developing a resource for the museum fieldChristopher Leitch, Renae Youngs, Annette Gavigan, Michael Lesperance, William James Burns, Barbara Cohen-Stratyner, Paul Hammond & Jaden Hasen2016
Museums & Social IssuesSocial media, social inclusion, and museum disability access
Frances Alter, Rebecca McMillen
Journal of Museum EducationInclusion Requires Fracturing
Swarupa Anila
Journal of Museum EducationMuseum Accessibility: Combining Audience Research and Staff Training
Nina Levent &Christine Reich
Museum InternationalMuseums as Therapeutic Environments and the Contribution of Art TherapyElisabeth Ioannides2016
Museum InternationalWhen Global Changes Hit Home: Museums as Catalysts for Local DevelopmentGlenn C. Sutter2019

IMD 2020 goes digital!

Following the COVID-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdowns, the International Council of Museums ICOM decided to adapt the format and focus on digital activities, to promote the values of International Museum Day.
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