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International Journal of Computers and Applications

Call for Papers | Intelligent Knowledge Discovery and Management for Social IoT Network | Deadline: September 20, 2020

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Deadline: September 20, 2020

International Journal of Computers and Applications

The International Journal of Computers and Applications (IJCA) is a unique platform for publishing novel ideas, research outcomes and fundamental advances in all aspects of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Computer Applications.

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The prosperity of social media and networked services under IoT infrastructure brings revolutionary changes to our daily lives and generates an enormous volume of data. Mining and analyzing social media big data gives us the opportunity of understanding how people communicate, interact, and collaborate online. Moreover, it is also useful for designers to improve social media systems for serving the needs of people better, such as intelligent recommendation. As a result, social media big data mining and analytics has been one of the hottest research areas and is attracting more attention from the research community. This research field includes online social community discovery, information diffusion through social networks, sentiment analysis and opinion mining, social event detection, trend prediction, and influence maximization in social media, etc.


Most of the above problems can be formulated as modelling, optimization, learning and/or knowledge discovery problems that are too difficult to tackle via non-intelligent techniques, as most of the contents on social media are suitable for human consumption. But they remain hardly understandable to computers. The field of computational intelligence offers a bunch of interdisciplinary emerging techniques for the distillation of knowledge from multi-modal unstructured social media data, such as machine learning, graph mining, information retrieval, knowledge-based systems, common-sense reasoning, and natural language processing.

Topics of interest 

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to; 

  • Intelligent computational social science theories and applications;
  • AI algorithms application for social media data analysis
  • Machine learning in social media
  • Heterogeneous multi-modal social media data mining
  • Natural language processing for social media mining
  • Intelligent visualization in social media
  • Pattern representation and modelling for social networks
  • Time series analysis of social networks and activities
  • Analysis, prediction, and application of social media content popularity
  • Community discovery on dynamic social networks
  • Evolution of communities on social media
  • Intelligent methodologies for social entity disambiguation
  • Social data mining for the recommendation, personalized search
  • Modelling interaction between online and offline behaviour
  • Health Data Mining from Social Knowledge Network
  • Crime Investigation based on IoT Network
  • The Pattern Recognition for Behaviour Analysis and Monitoring
  • The Knowledge Discovery for Preventing the Addiction to Game

Principal Guest Editor

Prof. Honghao Gao ([email protected]),

Shanghai University, China. 


Prof. Zijian Zhang ([email protected]), 

The University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Prof. Jung Yoon Kim ([email protected]),

Gachon University, South Korea

Prof. Stelios Fuentes ([email protected]), 

Leicester University, UK




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