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Call for Papers

International Journal of Children’s Spirituality (IJCS) is a peer-reviewed journal that creates a unique interdisciplinary, inter-professional and intercultural forum. IJCS welcomes submissions from researchers, scholars, and reflective practitioners that share and discuss ideas and practices related to the expression and development of spirituality in children and young people in a range of social and cultural contexts worldwide.

The International Journal of Children's Spirituality defines the concept of spirituality broadly and inclusively recognizing that spirituality and spiritual values can be understood from religious and non-religious perspectives, and expressed and studied in secular contexts as well as within faith and wisdom traditions. The journal is concerned with the contextual origins of diverse definitions of spirituality and their practical implications for personal development, communal well-being, social policies and organizational practices.

IJCS's commitment to respect all children and young people, as well as each other, means that we reject discrimination on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, physical or mental ability or age. We therefore encourage contributions that reflect respectful and holistic approaches to children's and young people's spirituality and personal development across a variety of disciplines, professions, traditions, organizations and communities. Particularly welcome are contributions that:

  • Explore epistemological and methodological approaches to the study of children and young people's spirituality
  • Give explicit attention to children and young people's voices, experiences and relationships
  • Examine critically the values and presuppositions underpinning different forms and practices of children and young people's spirituality
  • Investigate sociocultural, philosophical, and/or religious assumptions in ways that respect diverse perspectives
  • Use critical methodologies (qualitative and/or quantitative) to frame research and reflection
  • Offer comparative perspectives drawn from different cultures, traditions, and/or professional practice settings
  • Identify gaps in current knowledge and offer new agendas for research into children and young people's spirituality within and across disciplines and contexts

ICJS includes:

  • Research papers based on completed studies, substantial work-in-progress, or groundbreaking pilot projects
  • Scholarly articles exploring understandings of children and young people's spirituality and the implications of such knowledge for practices of spiritual nurture
  • Critically reflective accounts of spiritual nurture practices within particular settings or across multiple settings
  • Editorials and essays designed to highlight current issues in children and young people's spirituality and generate discussion about and further research on those issues
  • Reviews of recent publications and online resources
  • Occasional review essays focused on multiple texts or resources on children and young people's spirituality
  • Conference reports and calls for papers for the IACS biennial conference and other relevant events

Submission Guidelines

The Editors of IJCS welcome submissions and want to hear from you!  For complete guidelines on submitting a manuscript, visit the Instructions for Authors page.

To contact the Editors directly with submission questions, please email:


  • Karen-Marie Yust - Union Presbyterian Seminary, USA   
  • Adrian Gellel - University of Malta, Malta
  • Ruth Wills - University of Winchester, UK

International Journal of Children's Spirituality

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