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Get an Insight into the IOM3 Journals

Get an insight into the key research published by the journals of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) today. We have worked with the journals' Editors to produce an article collection that provides an overview of the impact the Institute is having on the community.

The IOM3 journals, like the institute itself, encompass the whole materials cycle, from exploration and extraction, through characterisation, processing, forming, finishing and application, to product recycling and land reuse and the articles in this collection reflect this. 

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Advances in Applied Ceramics

Article TitleAuthor Volume/ Issue
The influence of microstructure on the mechanical properties of polycrystalline diamond: a literature review*Thomas A. Scott
Vol. 117, No. 3, April 2018
Glass-ceramic proppants from sinter-crystallisation of waste-derived glassesNicoletta Toniolo, Acacio Rincon Romero, Mauro Marangoni, Mohammed Binhussain, Aldo R. Boccaccini, Enrico Bernardo
Vol. 117, No. 2, February 2018
High-performance ceramic parts with complex shape prepared by selective laser sintering: a reviewAn-Nan Chen, Jia-Min Wu, Kai Liu, Jing-Yan Chen, Huan Xiao, Peng Chen, Chen-Hui Li, Yu-Sheng Shi
Vol. 117, No. 2, February 2018
Ultra-high temperature ceramic compositeV. Rubio, P. Ramanujam, J. Binner
Vol. 117, No. sup1, October 2018
Testing ultra-high-temperature ceramics for thermal protection and rocket applicationsR. Savino, S. Mungiguerra, G. D. Di Martino
Vol. 117, No. sup1, October 2018

Corrosion Engineering, Science and Technology

Article Title Author Volume/Issue
Additive manufacturing – a general corrosion perspectiveCem Örnek
Vol. 53, No. 7
Corrosion-resistant alloy testing and selection for oil and gas productionNarasi Sridhar, Ramgopal Thodla, Feng Gui, Liu Cao, Andre Anderko
Vol. 53, No. sup1
Corrosion behaviour of an industrial shot-peened and coated automotive spring steel AISI 9254Mazher Ahmed Yar, Ying Wang, Xiaorong Zhou, Constantinos Soutis
Vol. 53, No. 8
Corrosion performance of friction surfaced nickel aluminium bronze (NAB) alloy under erosion corrosion and salt fog environmentS. Rajakumar, V. Balasubramanian
Vol. 53, No. sup1
Roles of carbon dioxide and steam on the hydrogen embrittlement of 3Cr tube steel in synthetic natural gas environmentPengpeng Bai, Jie Zhou, Bingwei Luo, Shuqi Zheng, Changfeng Chen
Vol. 53, No. 1

Interdisciplinary Science Reviews

Article Title Author Volume/Issue
Materials library collections as tools for interdisciplinary researchS. E. Wilkes, M. A. Miodownik
Vol. 43, No. 1
The social mind: disentangling affective and cognitive routes to understanding othersPhilipp Kanske
Vol. 43, No. 2
The practical other: teleology and its developmentJosef Perner, Beate Priewasser, Johannes Roessler
Vol. 43, No. 2
What are patterns in the humanities?Chiel van den Akker
Vol. 43, No. 1
Art and sciencePhilip Ball
Vol. 43, No. 1

International Materials Reviews

Article Title Author Volume/Issue
Powder metallurgy of titanium – past, present, and futureZhigang Zak Fang, James D. Paramore, Pei Sun, K. S. Ravi Chandran, Ying Zhang, Yang Xia, Fei Cao, Mark Koopman, Michael Free
Vol. 63, No. 7
Microstructural features, mechanical properties and high temperature failures of ferritic to ferritic dissimilar weldsPeter Mayr, Christian Schlacher, John A. Siefert, Jonathan D. Parker
Vol. 64, No. 1
Tortuosity in electrochemical devices: a review of calculation approachesBernhard Tjaden, Dan J. L. Brett, Paul R. Shearing
Vol. 63, No. 2
Novel nanostructured thermal interface materials: a reviewJosef Hansson, Torbjörn M. J. Nilsson, Lilei Ye, Johan Liu
Vol. 63, No. 1
Present and future thermal interface materials for electronic devicesKafil M. Razeeb, Eric Dalton, Graham Lawerence William Cross, Anthony James Robinson
Vol. 63, No. 1

International Wood Products Journal

Article Title Author Volume/Issue
An examination of the potential for the use of the Maillard reaction to modify woodK. Peeters, E. Larnøy, A. Kutnar, C. A. S. Hill
Vol. 9, No. 3
Polyesterification of wood using sorbitol and citric acid under aqueous conditionsE. Larnøy, A. Karaca, L. R. Gobakken, C. A. S. Hill
Vol. 9, No. 2
Liquid sorption characterisation of Norway spruce heartwood and sapwood using a multicycle Wilhelmy plate methodT. Sjökvist, M. E. P. Wålinder, Å. Blom
Vol. 9, No. 2
The impact of international efforts to reduce illegal logging on the global trade in wood productsZhijie Guan, Yan Xu, Peichen Gong, Jianhua Cao
Vol. 9, No. 1
Recovering fibres from fibreboards for wood polymer composites productionF. Yağmur Bütün, Aaron K. Mayer, Kolja Ostendorf, Ole-Elias Z. Gröne, Kim C. Krause, Christian Schöpper, Oliver Mertens, Andreas Krause, Carsten Mai
Vol. 9, No. 2

Ironmaking & Steelmaking

Article Title Author Volume/Issue
Understanding mould powders for high-speed castingJ. A. Kromhout, R. C. Schimmel
Vol. 45, No. 3
Titanium microalloyed steelsT. N. Baker
Vol. 46, No. 1
Thermal and thermomechanical evaluations of channel induction furnace applying strong insulation containing lightweight aggregatesS. Jin, H. Harmuth, D. Gruber
Vol. 45, No. 6
Utilisation of metallurgical sludge by multi-layer sinteringJanusz Stecko, Ryszard Stachura, Marian Niesler, Mikolaj Bernasowski, Arkadiusz Klimczyk
Vol. 45, No. 9
Numerical modelling of the transport and removal of inclusions in an industrial gas-stirred ladleQing Cao, Laurentiu Nastac
Vol. 45, No. 10

Materials Science and Technology

Article Title Author Volume/Issue
Liquid metal embrittlement during resistance spot welding of Zn-coated high-strength steelsDiptak Bhattacharya
Vol. 34, No. 15
A review of wire arc additive manufacturing and advances in wire arc additive manufacturing of aluminiumK. S. Derekar
Vol. 34, No. 8
Recent progress in the high-cycle fatigue behaviour of γ-TiAl alloysT.E.J. Edwards
Vol. 34, No. 16
Modelling of anisotropic elastic properties in alloy 718 built by electron beam meltingChamara Kumara, Dunyong Deng, Johan Moverare, Per Nylén
Vol. 34, No. 5
Critical review of automotive hot-stamped sheet steel from an industrial perspectiveT. Taylor, A. Clough
Vol. 34, No. 7

Mining Technology

Article Title Author Volume/Issue
Real-time reconciliation of a geometallurgical model based on ball mill performance measurements – a pilot study at the Tropicana gold mineT. Wambeke, D. Elder, A. Miller, J. Benndorf, R. Peattie
Vol. 127, No. 3, July
Adaptive policies for short-term material flow optimization in a mining complexCosmin Paduraru, Roussos Dimitrakopoulos
Vol. 127, No. 1, January
Cave fragmentation in a cave-to-mill context at the New Afton Mine part I: fragmentation and hang-up frequency predictionS. Nadolski, M. Munkhchuluun, B. Klein, D. Elmo, Craig Hart
Vol. 127, No. 2, April
Cave fragmentation in a cave-to-mill context at the New Afton mine Part II: implications to mill performanceStefan Nadolski, Christopher O‘Hara, Bern Klein, Davide Elmo, Craig J. R. Hart
Vol. 127, No. 3, July
Improved grade control in open pit minesY. V. Vasylchuk, C. V. Deutsch
Vol. 127, No. 2, April

Plastics, Rubber and Composites

Article Title Author Volume/Issue
Effect of the printing bed temperature on the adhesion of parts produced by fused filament fabricationMartin Spoerk, Joamin Gonzalez-Gutierrez, Janak Sapkota, Stephan Schuschnigg, Clemens Holzer
Vol. 47, No. 1,
Characterisation of cut and chip behaviour for NR, SBR and BR compounds with an instrumented laboratory deviceRadek Stoček, William V. Mars, Reinhold Kipscholl, Christopher G. Robertson
Vol. 48, No. 1
Can the melt flow index be used to predict the success of fused deposition modelling of commercial poly(lactic acid) filaments into 3D printed materials?Sisi Wang, Lore Capoen, Dagmar R. D’hooge, Ludwig Cardon
Vol. 47, No. 1
Designing of cradle-to-cradle loops for elastomer productsW. K. Dierkes, K. Dijkhuis, H. v. Hoek, J. W. M. Noordermeer, L. A. E. M. Reuvekamp, S. Saiwari, A. Blume
Vol. 48, No. 1
3D Printed structural electronics: embedding and connecting electronic components into freeform electronic devicesHessel H. H. Maalderink, Fabien B. J. Bruning, Mathijs M. R. de Schipper, John J. J. van der Werff, Wijnand W. C. Germs, Joris J. C. Remmers, Erwin R. Meinders
Vol. 47, No. 1

Powder Metallurgy

Article Title AuthorVolume/Issue
Processing of a new high entropy alloy: AlCrFeMoNiTiEstela Prieto, Raquel De Oro Calderon, Thomas Konegger, Elena Gordo, Christian Gierl-Mayer, Saad Sheikh, Sheng Guo, Herbert Danninger, Srdjan Milenkovic, Paula Alvaredo
Vol. 61, No. 3
On the usage of a neutron source to determine the density distribution in compacted cemented carbide powder compoundsHjalmar Staf, Elias Forssbeck Nyrot, Per-Lennart Larsson
Vol. 61, No. 5
Selective laser melting of P20 mould steel: investigation on the resultant microstructure, high-temperature hardness and corrosion resistanceH. X. Li, H. L. Qi, C. H. Song, Y. L. Li, M. Yan
Vol. 61, No. 1
Microstructures and properties of CoCrCuFeNiMox high-entropy alloys fabricated by mechanical alloying and spark plasma sinteringQiumin Yang, Yanyuan Tang, Yan Wen, Qinying Zhang, Dengfei Deng, Xinren Nai
Vol. 61, No. 2
Sintering mechanism of CoCrFeMnNi high-entropy alloy powdersRahul B. Mane, Rajkumar Y., Bharat B. Panigrahi
Vol. 61, No. 2

Science and Technology of Welding and Joining

Article Title Author Volume/Issue
Hot cracking investigation during laser welding of high-strength steels with multi-scale modelling approachH. Gao, G. Agarwal, M. Amirthalingam, M. J. M. Hermans
Vol. 23, No. 4
In situ strain investigation during laser welding using digital image correlation and finite-element-based numerical simulationG. Agarwal, H. Gao, M. Amirthalingam, M.J.M. Hermans
Vol. 23, No. 2
Effect of pulse scheme on the microstructural evolution, residual stress state and mechanical performance of resistance spot welded DP1000-GI steelAli Chabok, Ellen van der Aa, Indranil Basu, Jeff De Hosson, Yutao Pei
Vol. 23, No. 8
Hot cracking in cast alloy 718Sukhdeep Singh, Joel Andersson
Vol. 23, No. 7
Microstructure and fatigue properties of friction stir welded high-strength steel platesGonçalo Sorger, Eero Lehtimäki, Susanna Hurme, Heikki Remes, Pedro Vilaça, Lars Molter
Vol. 23, No. 5

Surface Engineering

Article Title AuthorVolume/Issue
Anti-fingerprint properties of engineering surfaces: a reviewM. Belhadjamor, M. El Mansori, S. Belghith, S. Mezlini
Vol. 34, No. 2
Cold spray under the banner of thermal spray in the whirlwind of additive manufacturingMichel Jeandin
Vol. 34, No. 5
Preparation and performance enhancements of wear-resistant, transparent PU/SiO2 superhydrophobic coatingG. Luo, Z. Jin, Y. Dong, J. Huang, R. Zhang, J. Wang, M. Li, Q. Shen, L. Zhang
Vol. 34, No. 2
Aluminium to steel resistance spot welding with cold sprayed interlayerMarcin Winnicki, Aleksandra Małachowska, Marcin Korzeniowski, Marek Jasiorski, Agnieszka Baszczuk
Vol. 34, No. 3
Electrodeposition of Ni–Mo and Ni–Mo-(nano Al2O3) multilayer coatingsA. Rezaeiolum, M. Aliofkhazraei, A. Karimzadeh, A. S. Rouhaghdam, R. Miresmaeili
Vol. 34, No. 6

Tribology - Materials, Surfaces & Interfaces

Article Title AuthorVolume/Issue
Performance analysis of four-pad hydrostatic squeeze film dampers loaded between pads under laminar and turbulent flow conditionsAmina Nemchi, Ahmed Bouzidane, Marc Thomas, Asma Abed
Vol. 12, No. 2, April 2018
Effect of two different rubbers as secondary binders on the friction and wear characteristics of non-asbestos organic (NAO) brake friction materialsSudhan Raj Jeganmohan, Darius Gnanaraj Solomon, T. V. Christy
Vol. 12, No. 2, April 2018
Friction and wear characteristics of vegetable oils using nanoparticles for sustainable lubricationWani Khalid Shafi, Ankush Raina, Mir Irfan Ul Haq
Vol. 12, No. 1, January 2018
Investigation of tribological behaviours of graphene-coated journal bearingBayram Yildiz, Arda Balkanci, Ismail Ovali, C. Gökhan Ünlü
Vol. 12, No. 4, October 2018
Contemporary challenges of soot build-up in IC engine and their tribological implicationsL. B. Abdulqadir, N. F. Mohd Nor, R. Lewis, T. Slatter
Vol. 12, No. 3, July 2018