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Justice Quarterly Articles

Justice Quarterly (JQ) is a refereed, multi-disciplinary journal that publishes theoretical, empirical and interpretive studies of issues related to criminal justice. In the past decade, JQ has become a premier journal and it continues to be a major forum for criminal justice related scholarship

Command-level Police Officers’ Perceptions of the “War on Cops” and De-policing
Justin Nix,Scott E. Wolfe & Bradley A. Campbell
Cut from the Same Cloth? A Comparative Study of Domestic Extremists and Gang Members in the United States
David C. Pyrooz, Gary LaFree, Scott H. Decker & Patrick A. James
Police Occupational Culture: Testing the Monolithic Model*
Eugene A. Paoline III & Jacinta M. Gau
Solitary Confinement as Punishment: Examining In-Prison Sanctioning Disparities
Joshua C. Cochran, Elisa L. Toman, Daniel P. Mears & William D. Bales
Opting Out: The Role of Identity, Capital, and Agency in Prison Visitation
Breanne Pleggenkuhle, Beth M. Huebner & Monica Summers
Justice Quarterly

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Justice Quarterly Call for Papers

Special Issue: Successful Research-Practitioner Partnerships: Essays in Honor of Joan Petersilia.
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Journal of Criminal Justice Education Articles

Journal of Criminal Justice Education (JCJE) provides a forum for the examination, discussion and debate of a broad range of issues concerning post-secondary education in criminal justice, criminology and related disciplines. The aim of JCJE is to enhance the quality of higher education in criminal justice and criminology.

Measuring Journal Prestige in Criminal Justice and Criminology
Christina DeJong & Sarah St. George
Certainty of Punishment and Criminal Thinking: Do the Rational and Non-rational Parameters of a Student’s Decision to Cheat on an Exam Interact?
Glenn D. Walters & Robert D. Morgan
Included? The Status of African American Scholars in the Discipline of Criminology and Criminal Justice Since 2004
Helen Taylor Greene, Shaun L. Gabbidon & Sean K. Wilson
The State of Authorship in Criminology: Perceptions of Right and Order among Elite Criminologists
Ethan M. Higgins, Kristin Swartz & Emily A. Hayden
Contemporary Classics? The Early Onset of Influence of Articles Published in Criminology and Criminal Justice Journals, 2010–2015
Amanda Graham, Travis C. Pratt, Heejin Lee & Francis T. Cullen
Journal of Justice Education

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Justice Evaluation Journal Articles

Justice Evaluation Journal (JEJ) aims to assess the efficacy and efficiency of crime reduction and prevention programs and policies instituted and funded primarily by local and national agencies. As governing bodies at national and local levels seek evidence -based assessment of their Criminal Justice programs and policies, the JEJ provides a forum for scholars and practitioners in Criminal Justice and related sectors to offer answers to fundamental questions of what works and what does not work, and why.

How to Increase the Relevance and Use of Social and Behavioral Science: Lessons for Policy-makers, Researchers and Others
Mark Western
Countering Transnational Crime and Corruption: The Urge to Action Versus the Patience to Evaluate
Jay S. Albanese
The Criminogenic Effect of Marijuana Dispensaries in Denver, Colorado: A Microsynthetic Control Quasi-Experiment and Cost-Benefit Analysis
Nathan Connealy, Eric Piza & Dave Hatten
Youth Justice in Europe: Experience of Germany, the Netherlands, and Croatia in Providing Developmentally Appropriate Responses to Emerging Adults in the Criminal Justice System
Sibella Matthews, Vincent Schiraldi & Lael Chester
Lessons Learned Implementing Gunshot Detection Technology: Results of a Process Evaluation in Three Major Cities
Daniel S. Lawrence, Nancy G. La Vigne, Margaret Goff & Paige S. Thompson
Journal of Justice Education

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