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Pharma: Research Access

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Taylor & Francis are publishers of quality, peer-reviewed journals. Enhance your research and development with the most current information and opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Research Access Options

Taylor & Francis offers tailored solutions to organization's needs including Article Pass and Subscription services. Taylor & Francis also offer single journal issues, individual articles, and archived journal volumes as well as flexible pay-per-view options. 

About Article Pass


Article Pass is a pre-paid token system designed to provide savings of between 15 and 50% on the price of individual journals.

Article Pass is valid for 12 months after the time of purchase, articles will be available across your organization's server for a total of 24 hours from initial selection. Articles are also available for PDF download for personal use, as well as several other benefits, including:

  • Meeting your research needs: choose articles from over 2500 journals within 23 subject areas
  • Flexibility: cover as little as 50 articles or as many as 2000
  • Budget control: Article Pass includes a "mediated access" option enabling you to restrict use to specific individuals within your organization so only these approved users can use the Article Pass.

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About Subscriptions


With Subscriptions, you can ensure your colleagues have access to the research covering all aspects of the R&D pipeline. Tailor your collection on a title-by-title basis, choosing from more than 2500 journals and over 4.1 million articles.

Choose from subscriptions with combined print and online access, or opt for online-only access.

A full list of our journals can be found on Taylor & Francis Online.

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Taylor & Francis' Top Pharma Research Titles

Find out more about leading pharmaceutical research from drug discovery to clinical trial evaluations including the world's largest series review journals in R&D and clinical medicine.

Current Medical Research and Opinion

A MEDLINE-indexed, peer-reviewed, international journal for the publication of original research on new and existing drugs and therapies, Phase II-IV studies, and post-marketing investigations.


2018 Impact Factor: 2.345

Expert Review of Vaccines

A MEDLINE-indexed peer-reviewed journal providing expert commentary on the development, application, and clinical effectiveness of new vaccines. Topics include vaccine technology, vaccine adjuvants, prophylactic vaccines, and therapeutic vaccines.


2018 Impact Factor: 4.531

Journal of Medical Economics

Serving the international pharmacoeconomics and healthcare-research community, it publishes economic assessments of novel therapeutic and device interventions, along-side studies that measure therapeutic or preventative outcomes, and policy issues.


2018 Impact Factor: 1.885

Critical Reviews in Toxicology

This journal  provides up-to-date, objective analyses of topics related to the mechanisms of action, responses, and assessment of health risks due to toxicant exposure.


2018 Impact Factor: 4.771

Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery

Providing comprehensive coverage of drug delivery research, including delivery technologies, vehicles, formulations and devices, the delivery of specific drug and therapeutic classes, modes of entry into the body, and applications in diseases.


2018 Impact Factor: 5.400


Tumor immunology deals with the natural or therapy-induced recognition of cancers, as well as with the intricate interplay between oncogenesis, inflammation and immunosurveillance. This high-profile journal specifically deals with tumor immunology.


2018 Impact Factor: 5.333

Discover our Expert Collection

The Expert Collection is the world's largest series of review journals in research, development and clinical medicine. It is comprised of 28 peer-reviewed titles combining the well-established Expert Opinion and Expert Reviews series into one essential, comprehensive collection.

Expert Collection Image