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Inspiring Design Creativity

A special collection by the International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation

Creative thinking and design have been increasingly sought after by many organisations and businesses. How do we inspire design creativity? What are effective ways of nurturing a creative culture? This special collection is a walk through the first 8 volumes of the International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation to address these questions and more. Bookmark this page for free access to the articles. Free access ends 30th April 2021.

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TitleAuthorVolIssueYear of Publication
Design creativity research: recent developments and future challengesGabriela Goldschmidt

Inspiration peak: exploring the semantic distance between design problem and textual inspirational stimuliMilene Gonçalves , Carlos Cardoso & Petra Badke-Schaub
The best form of medicine? Using humor to enhance design creativityAndrew Wodehouse, Ross Maclachlan & Jonathan Gray232013
A CAT with caveats: is the Consensual Assessment Technique a reliable measure of graphic design creativity?Karl K. Jeffries51-22015
Surprise and design creativity: investigating the drivers of unexpectednessN. Becattini, Y. Borgianni, G. Cascini & F. Rotini512015
Creativity in Innovation Design: the roles of intuition, synthesis, and hypothesis*Toshiharu Taura & Yukari Nagai532017
A theoretical model of design fixationThanh An Nguyen & Yong Zeng53-42016
Idea representation and elaboration in design inspiration and fixation experimentsLuis A. Vasconcelos, Maria A. Neroni, Carlos Cardoso & Nathan Crilly61-22017
The effect of ambiguous visual stimuli on creativity in design idea generationSun Hee Jang, Byungkeun Oh, Sukil Hong & Jinwoo Kim712018
Pride and Pratfalls: Recounting Embarrassing Stories Increases CreativityElizabeth Ruth Wilson, Leigh L. Thompson & Brian J. Lucas812019
I like it elegant: imprinting personalities into product shapesPablo Prieto, Juan C. Briede, Alejandra Beghelli, Enrique Canessa & Carlos Barra812019

International Journal of Design Creativity and Innovation

An international publication that provides a forum for discussing the nature and potential of creativity and innovation in design from both theoretical and practical perspectives.

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