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Immunopharmacology & Immunotoxicology

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The journal Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology is devoted to pre-clinical and clinical drug discovery and development targeting the immune system. Research related to the immunoregulatory effects of various compounds, including small-molecule drugs and biologics, on immunocompetent cells and immune responses, as well as the immunotoxicity exerted by xenobiotics and drugs. Only research that describes the mechanisms of specific compounds (not extracts) is of interest to the journal. 

The journal will prioritize preclinical and clinical studies on immunotherapy of disorders such as chronic inflammation, allergy, autoimmunity, cancer etc. The effects of small-drugs, vaccines, and biologics against central immunological targets as well as cell-based therapy, including dendritic cell therapy, T cell adoptive transfer, and stem cell therapy, are topics of particular interest. Publications pointing toward potential new drug targets within the immune system or novel technology for immunopharmacological drug development are also welcome.

With an immunoscience focus on drug development, immunotherapy and toxicology, the journal will cover areas such as infection, allergy, inflammation, tumor immunology, degenerative disorders, immunodeficiencies, neurology, atherosclerosis and more.

Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology will accept original manuscripts, brief communications, commentaries, mini-reviews, reviews, clinical trials and clinical cases, on the condition that the results reported are based on original, clinical, or basic research that has not been published elsewhere in any journal in any language (except in abstract form relating to paper communicated to scientific meetings and symposiums).

Immunopharmacology and Immunotoxicology

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  • Editor in Chief: Anders Elm Pedersen, University of Copenhagen