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Expert Review of Anti-infective Therapy- Infectious diseases treatment challenges: a health economics perspective

About the special issue

The issue will cover challenges of neglected tropical diseases and hospital acquired infections globally, with a focus on low resource areas, bottleneck inefficacies of inner health resource allocation strategies during recent pandemics, and vulnerabilities of health systems against infectious diseases prevention, diagnosis, and therapy.

LMIC countries now dominate the share of NCD global burden, meaning they face a double burden of infectious disease challenges alongside newly acquired NCDs. This is challenging as most LMIC countries have significantly lower affordability of essential medicines, surgery, or preventive medical care services compared to high-income countries – these issues become much worse in remote and rural communities of LMICs across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. This special issue will highlight the different challenges faced by health systems across the world.

We welcome review articles, original research, perspectives, interviews, drug profiles, and short editorials that address health economics and policy challenges across infectious diseases.

If you are interested in contributing or would like to learn more, then please reach out to the Commissioning Editor, Felicity Poole, who will be happy to assist.

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