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Since 2016, UNESCO has marked 28th September as the 'International Day for Universal Access to Information' (IDUAI). In support of IDUAI, Taylor and Francis has put together a series of Special Collection articles from our wide array of open access journals. Browse them here and join us as we grow the digital hub of knowledge, providing all with the #righttoknow. #accesstoinfoday

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Open Access Journals Featured Call for Papers 

Health & Medicine

Journal TitleFeatured Call for Papers
Acta Oto-Laryngologica Case ReportsContribute your case reports on head & neck surgery.
Canadian Journal of PainQualitative Research & Pain
European Journal of PsychotraumatologyFind out about our latest special issues call for papers!
Global Health ActionAntibiotic Resistance: Where are the prevention opportunities?
Sexual and Reproductive Health MattersUniversal Health Coverage: Bringing Sexual and Reproductive Rights into Focus

Earth & Environment

Journal TitleFeatured Call for Papers
Annals of GISOpen Geographic Modeling

Advances in Health GIS

Advancements of GIS in the New IT Era
Big Earth DataPublish in Big Earth Data's Special Issues!
Ecosystem Health and SustainabilityGreenhouse gas (GHG) emission mitigation and Ecosystem Adaptation in Silk Road Economic Belt
Geo-Spatial Information ScienceApplication of Geospatial Science in Disaster Mitigation and Conflict Resolution in Africa

Geospatial Big Data for Urban Planning and Urban Management
Infection Ecology & EpidemiologyViral and Bacterial Diseases at the Bird-Human Interface
Journal of Integrative Environmental SciencesNon-CO2 Greenhouse Gases: Global Challenges and Local Solutions
MycologySpecial Issue on: Model Fungi
Veterinary QuarterlyReview Special Issue on Advances in Safeguarding Health and Enhancing Production in Animals, Wildlife and Poultry

Area Studies

Journal TitleFeatured Call for Papers
Journal of Contemporary East Asian StudiesNorth Korea′s Nuclear Issue after Kim Jong-il
Tapuya: Latin American Science, Technology and SocietyCross-Border Healthcare: the interaction between countries, cities, and cultures in healthcare


Journal TitleFeatured Call for Papers
Journal for Peace and Nuclear DisarmamentEmerging technologies and the vulnerabilities of nuclear weapons systems

Special Issue on Missile Defence

The End of INF Treaty: What is coming next?

Engineering & Technology

Journal TitleFeatured Call for Papers
AutomatikaSpecial Issue on Applications of Modern Type-2 Fuzzy Methodologies for Controller Design
European Journal of Remote Sensing
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International Day for Universal Access to Information (IDUAI)

Check out what UNESCO is doing to celebrate IDUAI in 2019.
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