ICSB - World Congress Day 2021

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ICSB World Congress 2021

July 12 - 16 | Hybrid, Hosted in Paris, France

The 65th ICSB World Congress, held from July 12 – 16, 2021, will convene a worldwide gathering of entrepreneurs and thought leaders in Paris, France. Inspired by the 1900 “Exposition Universelle,” where countries from around the world were invited to France to celebrate the achievements of the past century and accelerate development into the next, this year’s Congress will explore the theme of “L’Exposition Universelle d’Humane Entrepreneurship,” or the Universal Exposition of Humane Entrepreneurship. By focusing on the humanity behind business development and growth, the World Congress is taking the lead in ushering the world into peace, prosperity, and happiness, after a challenging time.

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From the Humane Entrepreneurship Special Issue:

Article Title Author(s)
Understanding how and when personal values foster entrepreneurial behavior: A humane perspective Susana C. Santos, Xaver Neumeyer, António Caetano & Francisco Liñán
Humane Entrepreneurial Framework: A model for effective corporate entrepreneurship Ki-Chan Kim, Jeffrey S. Hornsby, John Laurence Enriquez,Zong-Tae Bae & Ayman El Tarabishy
The influence of religion on the humane orientation of entrepreneurs Indu Khurana, Amarpreet Singh Ghura & Dev K. Dutta
Conditioned to care: Gender differences in entrepreneurs’ socially responsible behaviors Whitney Peake & Kimberly Eddleston
What motivates social entrepreneurs? A meta-analysis on predictors of the intention to found a social enterprise Philipp Kruse, Dominika Wach & Jürgen Wegge
Humane entrepreneurship: Some steps in the development of a measurement scale Roberto Parente, Ayman El Tarabishy,Antonio Botti, Massimiliano Vesci & Rosangela Feola



June 27 | A Day of Action

View the ICSB Annual Global Micro-, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Reports at the link below:
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Dr. Ayman El Tarabishy, President and CEO of ICSB, Congress Co-Chair

Dr. Eric Liguori, Managing Editor (JSBM)

Dr. Katia Passerini, Managing Editor (JSBM)

Dr. Jeffrey Alves, Managing Editor (JICSB)

ICSB invites everyone from around the world to Paris to showcase their creative ideas, inventions, inspirations, and achievements in entrepreneurship and advancement of small businesses.

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