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Brain Injury

Most Read Collection

We are pleased to bring you this Most Read collection of articles from Brain Injury.

Each featured paper is free to view until the end of 2020.


Article Title Author(s) Volume Issue
Accepted Abstracts from the International Brain Injury Association's 13th World Congress on Brain Injury March 13- 16, 2019 Toronto, Canada Nathan D. Zasler, Lisa Kurth 33 Sup 1
Products and activities associated with non-fatal traumatic brain injuries in children and adolescents – United States 2010-2013 Ted Miller, Bina Ali, Bruce A. Lawrence, Jennifer Allison 33 11
Introducing the model of cognitive-communication competence: A model to guide evidence-based communication interventions after brain injury Sheila MacDonald 31 13-14
Helmet use and bicycle-related trauma injury outcomes Anaheed Shirazi, Stacey A. Teruya, Magda Shaheen, Shahrzad Bazargan-Hejazi, Steven Lee, Lagina R. Scott, Magda A. Shaheen, Deyu Pan 33 13-14
Vestibular consequences of mild traumatic brain injury and blast exposure: a review Owen D. Murnane, Faith W. Akin, Kristal M. Riska, Courtney D. Hall, Courtney Hall 31 9
Biofluid biomarkers of traumatic brain injury Andrew Shutes-David, Denes V Agoston, Elaine R Peskind 31 9
A review of post-concussion syndrome and psychological factors associated with concussion Donna K. Broshek, Anthony P. De Marco, Jason R. Freeman 29 2
Updated clinical practice guidelines for concussion/mild traumatic brain injury and persistent symptoms Mark Bayley, Scott McCullagh, Kelly Weegar, Shawn Marshall, Diana Velikonja, Lindsay Berrigan, Donna Ouchterlony 29 6
Effects of music production on cortical plasticity within cognitive rehabilitation of patients with mild traumatic brain injury Geir Olve Skeie, Karsten Specht, Berit Marie Dykesteen Vik, Eirik Vikane 32 5
Relationship between social cognition and social behaviour following traumatic brain injury Maarten Milders 33 1
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