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Open Select gives you the option to make your paper open access in one of our 2,300+ subscription journals. Through Open Select, you have a huge choice of subjects and disciplines, so the list below is a great place to start your search and find the journal that best suits your work.

2018 Impact Factor 5.98

Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology

Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology serves as an international forum for the critical review of current knowledge on the broad range of topics in environmental science. Environmental science is the complex and dynamic interaction of diverse scientific disciplines, including earth and agricultural sciences, chemistry, biology, medicine, and engineering, and the development of new disciplines such as environmental toxicology and risk assessment.

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2018 Impact Factor 2.237

International Journal of Phytoremediation

The International Journal of Phytoremediation (IJP) is the first journal devoted to the publication of laboratory and field research describing the use of plant systems to solve environmental problems by enabling the remediation of soil, water, and air quality and by restoring ecosystem services in managed landscapes.

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2018 Impact Factor 1.915

Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal

Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal ( IAPA ) is an international refereed journal and is the official publication of the International Association for Impact Assessment ( www.iaia.org). The editors welcome a diverse range of papers, including multi-author and interdisciplinary papers, that focus on the environmental, social, health, sustainability, and/or other assessments of projects, programmes, plans and policies. IAPA is aimed at readers in universities, government and public agencies, consultancies, NGOs and community groups.

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2018 Impact Factor 1.609

Geomicrobiology Journal

Geomicrobiology Journal is a unified vehicle for research and review articles in geomicrobiology and microbial biogeochemistry. General articles deal with microbial transformations of geologically important minerals and elements, including those that occur in marine and freshwater environments, soils, mineral deposits and rock formations, and the environmental biogeochemical impact of these transformations.

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2018 Impact Factor 0.895

Arid Land Research and Management

Arid Land Research and Management, a cooperating journal of the International Union of Soil Sciences , is a common outlet and a valuable source of information for fundamental and applied research on soils affected by aridity. This journal covers land ecology, including flora and fauna, as well as soil chemistry, biology, physics, and other edaphic aspects.

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2018 Impact Factor 0.797

Environmental Forensics

Environmental Forensics provides a forum for scientific investigations that address environment contamination, its sources, and the historical reconstruction of its release into the environment. The context for investigations that form the published papers in the journal are often subjects to regulatory or legal proceedings, public scrutiny, and debate. In all contexts, rigorous scientific underpinnings guide the subject investigations.

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