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Quiz: How Well Do You Know This Story, Indonesia?

First 300 participants to give us the right answer gets a Limited Edition Cutlery Set!

This giveaway is open to students and academics in Indonesia only.
Quiz ends 30 November or when 300 sets are given out, whichever earlier.
Complete the three steps below to qualify!
Product image is for illustration purpose only.

Step 1: Select ONE article/eBook title that best describes this photo from the list of free articles and eBook chapters below.

List of Free Articles and eBook Chapters
Title Journal/Book
Deforestation and Declining Irrigation in Southeast Asia: A Philippine Case International Journal of Water Resources Development
Energy: Solar-powered Photosynthesis and Greenhouses Creating Urban Agricultural Systems
The costs of reducing deforestation in Indonesia Bulletin of Indonesian Economic Studies
Imagining Sustainable Food Systems Imagining Sustainable Food Systems
Natural Resources and Climate Change Economic Growth and Sustainable Development
A Marine Pollution Study of Northeast Coastal Water Off Taiwan Island Chemistry and Ecology
On Corporate Responsibility Forests, Business and Sustainability
Role of UN in Meeting the Threats of Climate Change Climate Change, New Security Challenges and the United Nations
Marine Management Challenges: How Ocean Zoning Can Help Overcome Them Ocean Zoning
Natural Systems and Climate Change Resilience in the Lower Mekong Basin: Future Directions for Biodiversity, Agriculture and Livelihoods in a Rapidly Changing Environment Biodiversity Conservation in Southeast Asia
Consuming Responsibly: Exploring Environmentally Responsible Consumption Behaviors Journal of Global Marketing
Affordable and Clean Energy Sustainable Development Goals in the Republic of Korea
Sustainable Coastal and Marine Aquaculture Principles of Sustainable Aquaculture
Climate Extremes, Climate Variability and Climate Smart Agriculture Climate Change and Agricultural Development
The Use of Water Today World Water Vision

Step 2:
- For Twitter/Facebook: Post the link of the title and hashtag #WeStandByOurPlanet 
- For Instagram: Comment the link of the title and hashtag #WeStandByOurPlanet in this → post

Examples below:

Remember to set your Twitter/Facebook account public so that we can see your post.

Step 3: Fill in the form for us to contact you if you're a lucky winner.