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With nearly 300 journals, the Routledge Education portfolio is a comprehensive collection of expert journals covering all key areas of education research. 

We take pride in publishing some of the top Higher Education journals and partnering with key organizations, such as: International Consortium for Educational Development, Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) and the LH Martin Institute and Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA).

We invite you to explore a selection of these journal below and find out which could be the most suitable home for your research. You can also browse through our Higher Education portfolio here and 100s more on Taylor & Francis Online.

If none of these sound perfect, why not try out our Journal Suggester, simply paste in the abstract of your article and click ‘reveal suggested journals’.

Research in Post-Compulsory Education

Research in Post-Compulsory Education, recognises the need for more international research and analysis, and the generation of relevant theory in order to identify policy needs and trends as well as priorities in this growing area. While reporting current research, the journal also actively encourages the further development of research for post-compulsory education. While reporting current research, the journal also actively encourages the further development of research for post-compulsory education.

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Perspectives: Policy and Practice in Higher Education

Perspectives: policy and practice in higher education informs and challenges higher education managers and administrators, both within the UK and internationally, by publishing scholarly material which analyses and develops their practice of leadership, management and policymaking.  It also aims to inform students and researchers into higher education policy, leadership and management as well as policy makers in governmental organisations and elsewhere.

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Policy Reviews in Higher Education

Policy Reviews aims to open up a space for publishing in-depth accounts of significant areas of policy development affecting higher education internationally. We encourage authors from a range of disciplinary backgrounds to analyse higher education from fresh perspectives, including drawing on concepts and theories from other academic fields and disciplines.

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International Journal for Academic Development

International Journal for Academic Development provides a platform for academicians to exchange ideas on academic development, with the goal of improving the quality of higher education internationally. 

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None of these journals perfect for you? Take a look at our higher education hub which we have made to make it easy to navigate all of our journals.

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