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Defining Moments Podcast

Season Two

Humans tell stories to make sense of birthing and dying and everything in between. Defining Moments Podcast showcases stories about living well in the midst of inescapable illness, suffering, and hardship. Episodes feature an eclectic group of guests who share moments of uncertainty, innovation, and resilience. Host Dr. Lynn Harter draws on twenty years of experience in health contexts to spark conversations that move between personal anecdotes and societal health challenges. Each segment is accompanied by articles published in Health Communication and other online resources. Defining Moments Podcast disrupts the silence that too often surrounds vulnerability, and allows narrators and audiences to imagine new normals.

Season 2
Launching May 25, 2020
Hosted by: Dr. Lynn M. Harter
Executive Producer: Tom Hodson
Producers: Dr. Lynn M. Harter and Adam Rich
Assistant Producer: Taylor Walker
In association with the WOUB Center for Public Media & the Barbara Geralds Institute for Storytelling and Social Impact

Season two-- Defining Moments Podcast Participants

Participant Article
Dr. Wayne Beach, San Diego State University Beach, W. (2020). Defining moments, revisited.
Dr. Jennifer Bute, Indiana University, Purdue University Bute, J.J. (2020). Public and private revisited: Storied reflections from a food allergy parent.
Dr. Sharon Casapulla, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Casapulla, S. (2020). Asset-based and narrative-oriented medical education for rural and urban underserved practice.
Dr. Emily Cripe, Kutztown University Cripe, E. (2018). Anticipating loss: Learning to live with my father’s cancer
Dr. Rebecca de Souza, University of Minnesota Duluth de Souza, R. (2020). On hope, privilege, and blind spots.
Dr. Leandra Hinojosa Hernandez, Utah Valley University Hernandez, L.H., Upton, S.D. (2019). Insider/outsiders, reproductive (in)justice, and the U.S.-Mexico Border.
Dr. Sonia Ivancic, University of South Florida Ivancic, S.R. (2020). “No one’s coming to save us”: Centering lived experiences in rural food insecurity organizing.
Dr. Jody Koenig Kellas, University of Nebraska Kellas, J.K., Castle K.M., Johnson A.Z., Cohen M.Z. (2019). Cancer as communal: Understanding communication and relationships from the perspectives of survivors, family caregivers, and health care providers. Kellas, J.K. (2019). Sense-making, socialization, and stigma: Exploring narratives told in families about mental illness.
Dr. Marianne Sassi Matthias, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Matthias, M.S. Talib, T.L., & Huffman, M.A. (2019). Managing chronic pain in an opioid crisis: What is the role of shared decision-making.
Dr. Kristen Okamoto, Clemson University Okamoto, K. (2017). “It’s like moving the titanic:” Community organizing to address food (in)security.
Dr. Katherine Rafferty, Iowa State University Rafferty, K., & Beck, G.A. (2019). “You are not alone”: Advice giving for parents of children living with complex chronic conditions.
Dr. Leland Spencer, Miami University Spencer, L.G. (2020). Stares and prayers
Dr. Jill Yamasaki, University of Houston Yamasaki, J. (2020). Response-ability and the trauma of animal rescue. Yamasaki, J., Eldridge, S.S., & Estes, V.M. (2019). Brave. Bold. Gold: Athletic activism and the realities of childhood cancer.
Dr. Jacqueline Wolf, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Wolf, J. (2020). Witnessing birth, giving birth, researching birth, bettering birth

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