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Humans tell stories to make sense of birthing and dying and everything in between. Defining Moments Podcast showcases stories about living well in the midst of inescapable illness, suffering, and hardship. Episodes feature an eclectic group of guests who share moments of uncertainty, innovation, and resilience. Host Dr. Lynn Harter draws on twenty years of experience in health contexts to spark conversations that move between personal anecdotes and societal health challenges. Each segment is accompanied by articles published in Health Communication and other online resources. Defining Moments Podcast disrupts the silence that too often surrounds vulnerability, and allows narrators and audiences to imagine new normals.

Hosted by: Dr. Lynn M. Harter
Executive Producer: Tom Hodson
Producers: Dr. Lynn M. Harter and Adam Rich
Assistant Producers: Taylor Walker and Courtney Hook
In association with the WOUB Center for Public Media & the Barbara Geralds Institute for Storytelling and Social Impact

Season One-- Launching June 2019

Some moments define us. They punctuate our life stories, rendering us different than we were before. Storytelling is a resource for communicating through life transitions.

In Season One, guests get personal, sharing stories to spark conversations about health-related matters including:

  • Cancer care and long-term late effects of treatment
  • Telemedicine and virtual visits
  • Provider and patient relations
  • Sports injuries and athletic activism
  • Disability rights and inclusive communities
  • Infertility, baby loss, and postpartum care
  • Social support in an age of social media
  • Communicating compassion
  • Health challenges during natural disasters

Care providers, teachers, artists, and activists explore how stories can foster well-being, disrupt stigma, shift societal beliefs, and inform public policy.

Featured Guests Include

  • Dr. Pete Anderson, Cleveland Clinic and Taussig Cancer Institute
  • Angela Dina & Michelle Payne, Turn it Gold
  • Dr. Laura Ellingson, Santa Clara University
  • Patty Mitchell & Susan Dlouhy, Passion Works Studio
  • Dr. Stephanie Pangborn, Clemson University
  • Drs. Margaret Quinlan and Bethany Johnson, University of North Carolina at Charlotte
  • Dr. Lori Roscoe, University of South Florida
  • Dr. Tracy Shaub, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Dr. Keri Stephens, University of Texas at Austin
  • Dr. Sarah Tracy, Arizona State University
  • Dr. Erin Willer, University of Denver
  • Dr. Alaina Zanin, Arizona State University

Season one-- Defining Moments Podcast Participants

Dr. Lynn M. Harter
Co-Director: Barbara Geralds Institute for Storytelling and Social Impact
Ohio University
Harter, L. (2019). Storytelling in Acoustic Spaces: Podcasting as Embodied and Engaged Scholarship

Yamasaki, Eldridge, & Estes. (2019). Brave. Bold. Gold: Athletic Activism and the Realities of Childhood Cancer

Hernandez & De Los Santos Upton. (2019). Insider/Outsiders, Reproductive (In)justice, and the U.S.-Mexico Border
Dr. Tracy Shaub
Chair, Assoc Professor
Dept of Family Medicine
Casapulla, S.A., et al. (2018). Moving toward narrative competence and inclusive healthcare through the Open Book Project
Dr. Keri Stephens
Associate Professor
Communication Studies
Stephens, K. (2019). Jumping in and out of the dirty water...Learning from stories while doing social science
Patty Mitchell & Susan DlouhyWalker, T., Mitchell, P., & Dlouhy, S. (2019). Cultivating passion through collaborative art: A dialogic exploration of disability, storytelling, and social change
Dr. Lori Roscoe
Roscoe, L. (2018). I feel pretty

Roscoe, L. (2017). Sometimes laughter is the best medicine
Dr. Erin Willer
Associate Professor
Dept of Comm Studies
Willer, E.K. (2018). The Hea/r/tist part: Turning the point of mothering toward 100%
Dr. Sarah Tracy
Tracy, S. (2019). Let's talk: Conversation as a defining moment for the communication discipline
Dr. Alaina Zanin
Assistant Professor
ASU- Hugh Downs School of Human Comm
Zanin, A., Kamrath, J., Ruston, S., Posteher, K., Corman, S. (2019). Labeling Avoidance in Healthcare Decision-Making: How Stakeholders Make Sense of Concussion Events through Sport Narratives

Zanin, A. (2019). Resisting corporeal boundaries in body work and knowledge work
Dr. Pete Anderson
Pediatric Hematology/Oncology
Anderson, P., Hanna, R. (2019) Defining moments: Making time for virtual visits and catalyzing better cancer care

Anderson, P., & Kaye, L. (2009). The therapeutic alliance: Adapting to the unthinkable with better information
Dr. Laura L. Ellingson
Department of Communication and Women's & Gender Studies
Ellingson, L.L., & Borofka, K.G.E. (2018). Long term cancer survivors' everyday embodiment

Harter, L.M., Ellingson, L.E., Yamasaki, J., Hook, C., & Walker, T. (2018). Defining moments: Telling stories to foster well-being, humanize healthcare, and advocate for change

Ellingson, L.E. (2009). Salvaging, surrendering, and saying goodbye to my leg
Angela Dina
Executive Director
Ellingson, L.L., & Borofka, K.G.E. (2018). Long-term cancer survivors' everyday embodiment
Drs. Maggie Quinlan & Bethany Johnson
Associate Professor
Quinlan, M., & Johnson, B. (2019). #motherhood is hard: Narrating our research and mothering in postpartum stage through texting and social media
Dr. Stephanie Pangborn
Assistant Professor
Pangborn, S. (2017). Creating possible...aesthetically engaging life amid reminders of our mortality