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Journal of Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology

Evidence Based Updates & Future Direction Articles

The Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (JCCAP) is the official journal for the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (Division 53), American Psychological Association. It publishes original contributions on the following topics: (a) the development and evaluation of assessment and intervention techniques for use with clinical child and adolescent populations; (b) the development and maintenance of clinical child and adolescent problems; (c) cross-cultural and sociodemographic issues that have a clear bearing on clinical child and adolescent psychology in terms of theory, research, or practice; and (d) training and professional practice in clinical child and adolescent psychology, as well as child advocacy. Manuscripts that discuss theoretical and/or methodological issues on topics pertinent to clinical child and adolescent psychology also are considered.

Evidence Based Updates

Future Direction Articles

Article TitleAuthor(s)Year
Evidence Base Update of Psychosocial Treatments for Self-Injurious Thoughts and Behaviors in YouthCatherine R. Glenn, Erika C. Esposito, Andrew C. Porter & Devin J. Robinson2019
Implementing an Evidence-Based Intervention for Children in Europe: Evaluating the Full-Transfer ApproachMargrét Sigmarsdóttir, Marion S. Forgatch, Edda Vikar Guðmundsdóttir, Örnólfur Thorlacius, Gøye Thorn Svendsen, Jolle Tjaden & Abigail H. Gewirtz2019
Evidence-Based Psychosocial Interventions for Ethnic Minority Youth: The 10-Year UpdateArmando A. Pina, Antonio J. Polo & Stanley J. Huey2019
Evidence Base Update on the Treatment of Early Childhood Anxiety and Related ProblemsJonathan S. Comer, Natalie Hong, Bridget Poznanski, Karina Silva & Maria Wilson2019
Evidence-Based Assessment of ADHD in Youth Using a Receiver Operating Characteristic ApproachMatthew A. Jarrett, Anna Van Meter, Eric A. Youngstrom, Dane C. Hilton & Thomas H. Ollendick2018
Evidence-Based Psychosocial Treatments for Children and Adolescents With Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity DisorderSteven W. Evans, Julie Sarno Owens, Brian T. Wymbs & A. Raisa Ray2018
Evidence-Base Update - Forty Years of Engagement Research in Children’s Mental Health Services: Multidimensional Measurement and Practice ElementsKimberly D. Becker, Maya Boustani, Resham Gellatly & Bruce F. Chorpita2018
Article TitleAuthor(s)Year
Future Directions for Early Childhood Prevention of Mental Disorders: A Road Map to Mental Health, EarlierLauren S. Wakschlag, Megan Y. Roberts, Rachel M. Flynn, Justin D. Smith, Sheila Krogh-Jespersen, Aaron J. Kaat, Larry Gray, John Walkup, Bradley S. Marino, Elizabeth S. Norton & Matthew M. Davis2019
Future Directions in Affirmative Psychological Interventions with Transgender Children and AdolescentsLeigh A. Spivey & Laura Edwards-Leeper2019
Future Directions in the Study and Treatment of Parent–Child SeparationKathryn L. Humphreys2019
Future Directions for Examination of Brain Networks in Neurodevelopmental DisorderLucina Q. Uddin & Katherine H. Karlsgodt2018
Future Directions for Research on Early Intervention for Young Children at Risk for Social AnxietyAndrea Chronis-Tuscano, Christina M. Danko, Kenneth H. Rubin, Robert J. Coplan & Danielle R. Novick"2018
Future Directions for the Examination of Mediators of Treatment Outcomes in YouthMatthew M. Carper , Heather B. Makover & Philip C. Kendall2018
Future Directions in the Study of Early-Life Stress and Physical and Emotional Health: Implications of the Neuroimmune Network HypothesisCamelia E. Hostinar, Robin Nusslock & Gregory E. Miller2018
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