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Sustainable & Green Chemistry

at Taylor & Francis

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Open access publication can enable increased visibility and discoverability as your research can be read by anyone around the world. This greater visibility can result in increased readership and citations, and a chance to make an impact beyond your field. Explore our Sustainable & Green Chemistry journals below, and learn more about our open access publishing options.

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Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews

Research, education, and application of green chemistry theories and practice that clearly demonstrate impact to advancing the field by reference to the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

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Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews Welcomes New Editor-in-Chief

Join us in welcoming our new Editor-in-Chief, and find anwsers to your research questions in her Q&A.


Critical Reviews in Analytical Chemistry

Interdisciplinary reviews on analytical chemistry and related measurement sciences, focusing on recent and future developments and the field’s status

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Chemical Engineering Communications

Basic, applied, and interdisciplinary research on technique and data experimentations as well as theoretical models in chemical engineering

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Synthetic Communications

Publishes international research on new synthetic methods, reagents, catalysis and synthesis in organic chemistry, focusing on organic synthesis.

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CRC Press Books Series

Life Cycle Assessment and Green Chemistry


Sustainability: Contributions through Science and Technology


International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Research on organic, inorganic, and radioactive pollutants and investigation of metabolic breakdown patterns in environment and biological samples

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Nuclear Science and Engineering

Research on nuclear science and engineering, including nuclear energy, fundamental physics related to nuclear systems, and theoretical physics

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Natural Product Research

Research on natural substances of land, sea, plants, microbes, and animals, including structure elucidation, synthesis, and experimental biosynthesis

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What is Open Access?

Publishing open access can increase the reach of your research by up to eight times and create impact beyond academia.

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International Journal of Polymeric Materials and Polymeric Biomaterials

Research on polymeric biomaterials, biomedical polymers, and biocompatible nanopolymers, and controlled release technology and applications

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Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A

Rsearch in the fields of environmental sciences, public health, and toxicology, including risk assessment, environmental pollutants, and mutagenesis

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Preparative Biochemistry & Biotechnology

Works on preparative techniques in life sciences disciplines like biochemistry and biotechnology (isolation, extraction, purification, and enrichment)

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Journal of Wood Chemistry and Technology

Research on synthesis, characterization, and uses of wood-based polymers, chemicals, materials and technology, and biomass chemistry and conversion

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Catalysis Reviews

International research on catalytic science and engineering, including advances in technology and theory and chemical aspects of catalytic reactions

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Journal of Biomaterials Science, Polymer Edition

Research on properties of polymeric biomaterials, including polymers for drug delivery, tissue engineering, large molecules in living organisms like DNA

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The Sustainable Development Goals Online Collection from Taylor & Francis

Taylor & Francis created the SDG Online collection in response to the United Nations’ urgent call to action to governments, organisations, institutions, NGOs and businesses to collaborate and work together to build a better world for our people and our planet.
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