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Globalization in Asia

Economics and Finance

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Access topical and impactful research relating to Economics and Finance that have contributed to Globalization in Asia.

Title Author Journal
The relationship between earnings round up/down and global financial crisis: evidence from BRICS markets Surya Bhushan Kumar, Vinay Goyal & S. K. Mitra Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics
China’s capital account liberalization: a ruby jubilee and beyond
Financial sector opening and financial constraints: an empirical study based on China’s experiences
The potential impact of China - India free trade agreement on Chinese and Indian industries
The 2018 US-China trade conflict after forty years of special protection
China–US trade War: an Indonesian perspective
Building China’s framework for overseas investment and financing cooperation
Yanliang Miao et al.
Liqing Zhang,Yan Zhang & Zhixiao Dong
Vani Archana

Chad P. Bown

Mari Pangestu
Jun Zhu, Kai Guo, Ming Ai, Xuefei Bai & Yue Zhao

China Economic Journal
Outward foreign direct investment in agriculture by Chinese companies: land grabbing or win–win?
A currency basket and future exchange rate arrangements in Asia
Geoeconomics with Chinese characteristics: the BRI and China’s evolving grand strategy
The silk road economic belt: balance of interests
The BRI and RCEP: ensuring cooperation in the liberalisation of trade in Asia
The US–China trade war, the American public opinions and its effects on China
Understanding the China–US trade war: causes, economic impact, and the worst-case scenario
Qianheng Chen & Pei Guo

Junko Shimizu et al.
Mark Beeson

Yakov Silin et al.
David Vines

Edwin L.-C. Lai

Terence Tai Leung Chong & Xiaoyang Li

Economic and Political Studies
The Role of Innovation in Upgrading in Global Value Chains
Crossing Borders: Foreign Investment and Sentiment in Korea
Hyelin Choi et al.
Inbin Hwang et al.

Global Economic Review
Does Financial Sector Development Augment Cross-Border Capital Flows?"
International Integration, Trade, and the Great Recession
Foreign Direct Investment, Female Education, Capital Formation, and Economic Growth in Japan and South Korea
Workers’ Remittances and the Dutch Disease: Evidence From South Asian Countries
Abhijit Sen Gupta & Pragya Atri

Cephas Naanwaab et al.
Sudeshna Ghosh

Hem Chandra Basnet et al.

International Economic Journal
The economic nexus between China and emerging economies Tomoo Marukawa Journal of Contemporary East Asia Studies
The Global Capitalism School Tested in Asia: Transnational Capitalist Class vs Taking the State Seriously
East Asia in the Global Economy: Theoretical and Empirical Questions for Marxism
Sean Kenji Starrs

Richard Westra

Journal of Contemporary Asia
Strategic decisions in Chinese state-owned enterprises as outcome of the sensemaking of the CEO: the case of COSCO’s emerging involvement in the Port of Piraeus
China’s belt and road initiative: linkages with the African Union’s Agenda 2063 in historical perspective
Emerging multinationals from China and Latin America: a comparative analysis
Why Chinese bank internationalisation is gradual - an historical institutional perspective
India’s outward foreign direct investment: emerging trends and issues
Foreign direct investment of India: an analysis based on ‘dynamic or developmental approach’
Globalisation, ICT Investment and Firm Dynamism
Yuan Ma & Peter J. Peverelli

Bhaso Ndzendze & David Monyae

Lourdes Casanova et al.

W. Travis Selmier

Badar Alam Iqbal et al.

Munmi Saikia & Saundarjya Borbora

Jianmin Tang, Weimin Wang & Zhihao Yu

Transnational Corporations Review

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