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Global Sustainability Research

Supporting Horizon 2020 and UN Sustainable Development Goals


On Earth Day, 22 April 2022, we have put together a collection of articles from diverse special issues supporting the Horizon 2020 missions.

The special issues were created with the help of our Editors and authors across Life, Earth and Environmental Sciences subject areas. These missions are research and policy priorities for the European Commission for this decade. They are also connected to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and as such, the articles in these special issues are directly relevant to activities and policy conversations designed to support the SDGs.

The collection was planned a year ago and articles were actively commissioned covering areas of the Horizon Missions and the key SDGs linked to them:

    Bookmark this page for more articles throughout the year, and available as free access through this page.

    Journal Research

    From portfolio to progress, we let our research speak for itself.

    Drop down on the journal name to access the Sustainable Development Goals research.

    International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability

    Understanding and informing decisions on Sustainable Agricultural Intensification in Sub-Saharan Africa.
    J. Haggar, V. Nelson, R. Lamboll, et al, 2020.

    Gender- and youth-sensitive data collection tools to support decision making for inclusive sustainable agricultural intensification.
    P. Grabowski, I. Djenontin, L. Zulu, et al, 2020.

    Realizing Inclusive SAI: contextualizing indicators to better evaluate gender and intergenerational inequity in SAI processes and outcomes – cases from Southern and Western Africa.
    L. Zulu, I. Djenontin, A. Darkwah, et al, 2020.

    Sustainable agricultural intensification and gender-biased land tenure systems: an exploration and conceptualization of interactions.
    G. Fischer, A. Darkwah, J. Kamoto, et al, 2020.

    Generational dynamics of agricultural intensification in Malawi: challenges for the youth and elderly smallholder farmers.
    K. Lindsjö, W. Mulwafu, A. Djurfeldt, et al, 2020.

    J. Rodenburg, L. Büchi & J. Haggar, 2020.

    Supporting smallholders’ decision making: managing trade-offs and synergies for sustainable agricultural intensification.
    B. Adolph, M. Allen, E. Beyuo, et al, 2020.

    Bringing evidence to bear for negotiating tradeoffs in sustainable agricultural intensification using a structured stakeholder engagement process.
    L. Winowiecki, M. Bourne, C. Magaju, et al, 2021.

    Agriculture extensification and associated socio-ecological trade-offs in smallholder farming systems of Zambia.
    P. Masikati, G. Sitsito, F. Chipatela, et al, 2021.

    Designing sustainable pathways for the livestock sector: the example of Atsbi, Ethiopia and Bama, Burkina Faso.
    C. Pfeifer, J. Morris, J. Ensor, et al, 2020.

    Games as boundary objects: charting trade-offs in sustainable livestock transformation.
    J. Morris, J. Ensor, C. Pfeifer, et al, 2020.

    Tapping the full potential of the digital revolution for agricultural extension: an emerging innovation agenda.
    J. Steinke, J. van Etten, A. Müller, et al, 2020.

    User-centred design of a digital advisory service: enhancing public agricultural extension for sustainable intensification in Tanzania.
    B. Ortiz-Crespo, J. Steinke, C. Quirós, et al, 2020.

    Going digital in agriculture: how radio and SMS can scale-up smallholder participation in legume-based sustainable agricultural intensification practices and technologies in Tanzania.
    S. Silvestri, M. Richard, B. Edward, et al, 2020.

    Smallholder commercialization and climate change: a simulation game for teff in South Wollo, Ethiopia.
    A. Orr, Z. Tiba, J. Congrave, et al, 2020.

    Strengthening decision-making on sustainable agricultural intensification through multi-stakeholder social learning in sub-Saharan Africa.
    R. Lamboll, V. Nelson, M. Gebreyes, et al, 2021.

    Lessons on enabling African smallholder farmers, especially women and youth, to benefit from sustainable agricultural intensification.
    J. Haggar & J. Rodenburg, 2021.

    Big Earth Data

    Big data in support of the Sustainable Development Goals: a celebration of the establishment of the International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals (CBAS).
    H. Guo, H. Hackmann & K. Gong, 2021.

    Innovative approaches to the Sustainable Development Goals using Big Earth Data.
    H. Guo, D. Liang, F. Chen, et al., 2021.

    Atmospheric and ecosystem big data providing key contributions in reaching United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.
    M. Kulmala, A. Lintunen, I. Ylivinkka, et al., 2021.

    Earth observation and geospatial big data management and engagement of stakeholders in Hungary to support the SDGs.
    S.Mihály, G. Remetey-Fülöpp, D. Kristóf, et al., 2021.

    Capturing the value of biosurveillance “big data” through natural capital accounting.
    D. Castle, P. Hebert, E. Clare, et al., 2021.

    Living Earth: Implementing national standardised land cover classification systems for Earth Observation in support of sustainable development.
    C. Owers, R. Lucas, D. Clewey, et al., 2021.

    Spatial patterns of urban green space and its actual utilization status in China based on big data analysis.
    Y. Huang, T. Lin, G. Zhang, et al., 2021.

    Mapping essential urban land use categories (EULUC) using geospatial big data: Progress, challenges, and opportunities.
    B. Chen, B. Xu & P. Gong, 2021.

    Big data in support of the sustainable development goals (continued): a celebration of the establishment of the International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals (CBAS).
    H. Guo, H. Hackmann & K. Gong, 2021.

    Drying conditions in Switzerland – indication from a 35-year Landsat time-series analysis of vegetation water content estimates to support SDGs.
    C. Poussin, A. Massot, C. Ginzler, et al., 2021.

    Digital Earth: A platform for the SDGs and green transformation at the global and local level, employing essential SDGs variables.
    H. Fukui, D. Man & A. Phan, 2021.

    Using open data to detect the structure and pattern of informal settlements: an outset to support inclusive SDGs’ achievement.
    Z. Assarkhaniki, S. Sabri & A. Rajabifard, 2021.

    Evaluating the role of partnerships in increasing the use of big Earth data to support the Sustainable Development Goals: an Australian perspective.
    Z. Mohamed-Ghouse, C. Desha, A. Rajabifard, et al., 2021.

    Developing big ocean system in support of Sustainable Development Goals: challenges and countermeasures.
    B. Zhang, F. Li, G. Zheng, et al., 2021.

    Evaluation of county-level poverty alleviation progress by deep learning and satellite observations.
    Y. Jiang, L. Zhang, Y. Li, et al., 2021.

    Climate Policy
    A leading international peer-reviewed academic journal, publishing high quality research and analysis on all aspects of climate change policy. 
    These collections highlight key topics and discussions in the field of climate policy: Land Use, Adaptation, and, in Celebration of Earth Day 2022, Climate and Sustainable Finance.

    Land Use

    Land Use Collection from TFO

    Land use, the management and modification of our terrestrial environment, is one of the main drivers of global environmental change.

    This special collection showcases current research on a range of sustainable land use practices and climate adaptation strategies employed across regions and types of land.

    Climate & Sustainable Finance

    Climate and Sustainable Finance Collection from TFO

    Finance for climate action needs to span the full range of policy challenges.

    This special collection showcases current research on a full range of climate finance topics.


    Adaptation Collection from TFO

    The effects and impacts of climate change are being felt globally. Adapting to these changes has become our reality, along with mitigation.

     This special collection showcases current research on climate change adaptation, with respect to strategies, policy assessments, and identifying and managing vulnerabilities.

    Publish With Us

    All Earth: Geoscience for Sustainable Development

    All Earth Editors are leading a series of sustainability oriented Special Issues showcasing the role of geoscience in sustainable development – find out more and submit here.

    Launch of Key Policy Highlights

    Key Policy Highlights (KPH) communicate the significance of scientific research evidence in jargon-free and clear language, to a non-scientific audience. This audience includes policy-makers and professionals in nearby disciplines.

    This pilot scheme offers authors (in participating journals) the option to publish a secondary abstract called ‘Key Policy Highlights’, as part of the scientific research paper.

    By highlighting the policy relevance of research via Key Policy Highlights, you will:

    • Increase the journal’s readership particularly from a policy audience

    • Facilitate the uptake of original research into decision-making

    Book Research

    Routledge is proud to support the global Earth Day movement in 2022.

    Driven by three dedicated environment and sustainability editors, we have published an extensive range of books supporting researchers, academics, practitioners, students, activists and policymakers in their vital work.
    This year, we want to highlight some of our most impactful offerings that align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including (2) Zero Hunger, (3) Good Health and Well-being, (6) Clean Water and Sanitation, (11) Sustainable Cities and Communities, (12) Responsible Consumption and Production and (13) Climate Action.

    To celebrate Earth Day 2022, we have curated a range of short think pieces written by experts in the field, many of whom are also Routledge authors. Insightful and pertinent, they anchor each of the featured Sustainable Development Goals in real-world examples or academic theory and commentary, and demonstrate how each Goal might inspire action for a sustainable future.

    Both humanity and our planet exist at a critical turning point due to climate change and the resulting environmental challenges we face. Sustainability solutions need to be a focal discussion in the fight against global warming. Explore with us future innovations in our Environment and Sustainability blogs.

    Combating Climate Change

    Blog piece logo of hand under the world from the books team

    An overview of how we might recentre sustainability in today’s world. There needs to be a disruptive change in the way our society understands the world.

    Sustainable Energy

    Blog piece logo of hills and geometric sustainability practices from the books team

    One day the world will run out of fossil fuels. Discover how sustainable energy matters and its significance when it comes to the future of our planet.

    The Value of Nature

    Blog piece logo of natural landscapes and habitats from the books team

    With scientists and policy makers assessing and debating our next steps, the impetus to “value nature” has never been more compelling.

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    Climate Action Gateway

    F1000 Climate Action Gateway

    The Climate Action Gateway brings together all content published on F1000Research related to climate change; making the information rapidly and openly accessible for others to consult, share and use.

    Sustainable Development Goals Online

    Exclusive SDGO offer for Earth Day

    To celebrate Earth Day, we are offering 20% off our full perpetual Sustainable Development Goals Online package until 31st May 2022! (Restrictions apply. Not available in certain regions)  

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    Sustainability in Health Care Education

    Key Resources to Explore and Share from Medical Teacher.

    Delve into the Infographic and click on each node to discover Medical Teacher Special Issue and the key themes around sustainability in health care education. Facilitating the important conversations around sustainable health care, planetary health, indigenous traditional knowledge, and more.

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