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Open Access Earth Sciences

At Taylor & Francis

Welcome to our open access Earth Sciences journals

Our open access Earth Sciences portfolio publishes work across disciplines, offering broad scope and niche homes for all earth science research, from natural hazards and risk through to mapping and spatial diagrams. Discover our portfolio and find out how publishing open access can improve the readership and impact of your research.

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Dr. Andrew Kelly, Portfolio Manager

Geomatics Natural Hazards and Risk

With Dr Ramesh P. Singh as the Editor-in-Chief,  Geomatics Natural Hazards and Risk strives to publish timely cutting-edge research on all aspects of natural risks through to early warning systems. Published open access, this journal allows for critical information to be communicated from the field to other researchers, policy makers and environment agencies rapidly.

With published research including the use of drones in post-earthquake situations through to the melting of glaciers, the journal offers a unique outlet for research with real world impact.

2018 IMPACT FACTOR 2.332

European Journal of Remote Sensing

The mission of European Journal of Remote Sensing is to publish high quality, original research related to the use of remote sensing technologies that can be read by anyone, anywhere in the world who needs it. Published open access, this journal has on average eight times more readers than for traditionally published articles.

With published research including the use of drones for precision architecture through to earth observation satellites, the journal offers a unique outlet for publications that lay the foundations for the direction of future research. Find out more here.

2018 IMPACT FACTOR 1.904

Geo-spatial Information Science

Geo-spatial Information Science strives to publish high quality research on the application and development of surveying and mapping technology, encouraging  innovative applications and theories in fields ranging from photogrammetry to geophysics.

Published research includes earth observation for sustainable development through to coastal zone management, the journal provides a platform for communication between researchers and professionals in the field.



Big Earth Data

The mission of Big Earth Data is to become a new engine of scientific discovery and knowledge innovation for Earth System Science. The journal publishes high quality research measuring and monitoring the Earth, environmental processes and change, as well as the interaction between humans and the Earth.

Published research topics include population distributions through to social media data for disaster management, offering a unique outlet for research with real world impact.

Find out more here.

Journal of Maps

Journal of Maps offers a unique publishing outlet, designed to highlight mapping and spatial analysis. The journal is multi-disciplinary to draw upon, and present, work from all subject areas. Not only has this built an increasing archive of mapped data for future researchers to draw upon, but also fosters inter-disciplinary contexts.

Published maps include the Tour de France route through to glacial geomorphology, offering a unique outlet for research across multiple disciplines.

2018 IMPACT FACTOR 1.836

Why Publish Open Access

Publishing open access can increase the reach and readership of your research.
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