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Earth materials in our lives.

Geoscience studies the processes that form and shape the Earth's surface, the natural resources we use, and how water and ecosystems are interconnected.

In celebration of this year’s Earth Science Week, and in acknowledgement of the breadth of research, we’ve collated free leading articles in the geoscience portfolio. The articles below cover a variety of topics and have been grouped into the following themes, minerology and petrology, energy and hydrogeology.

All featured research will be available via this page until 28 February 2021 for you to read, share and cite.

Explore the collection and join in the conversation at @tandfenviro with #EarthSciWeek.

Minerology & Petrology

Sound scientific papers focused on the the study of rocks and the processes that form and transform them.


Journal Article Author Year Published
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences Origin, geomorphology and geoheritage potential of Australia’s longest coastal cliff lines G.A. Wakelin-King & J.A. Webb 2020
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences You can get anything you want from Alice's Restaurant Bed: exceptional preservation and an unusual fossil assemblage from a newly excavated bed (Ediacara Member, Nilpena, South Australia) S.D. Evans, P. W. Dzaugis, M.L. Droser, et al. 2018
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences Red crust: evidence for an early Paleozoic oceanic anoxic event N. Langsford, T. Raimondo & J. Jago 2019
Australian Journal of Earth Sciences Glaciations at high-latitude Southern Australia during the Early Cretaceous N. F. Alley, S.B Hore & L. A. Frankes 2019
Big Earth Data Comparative study of big data of global adakites and mineralization-related granite in the Geza arc metallogenic belt, northwest Yunnan, Southwest China Liu Xuelong, Li Wenchang, & Zhang Qi 2018
Big Earth Data The quantitative classification of granites and their metallogenetic relations in West Qinling, Gansu Province, China Yuxi Wang, Xiaowei Wang & Jianmin Luo 2019
International Journal of Digital Earth Crustal evolution events in the Chinese continent: evidence from a zircon U-Pb database Yujing Wu, Xianjun Fang, Sisi Liao 2019
Geology, Ecology and Landscapes Heavy mineral analysis of Eocene sands and sandstones of Nanka Formation, Cenozoic Niger Delta petroleum province Osuwake Omini Etimita & Francis Thomas Beka 2019
Exploration Geophysics Notes On Rock Magnetization Characteristics In Applied Geophysical Studies D.A. Clark & J.B. Emerson 2018
Physical Geography Laboratory study of the effect of temperature difference on the disintegration of redbed softrock Luobin Yan, Pan Liu & Hua Peng 2018
International Geology Review Geology of the 2018 Winter Olympic site, Pyeongchang, Korea Moonsup Cho, Kyoungwpn Min & Hyeoncheol Kim 2018
International Geology Review Early Palaeozoic alkaline trachytes in the North Daba Mountains, South Qinling Belt: petrogenesis and geological implications Hang Yang, Shao-Cong Lai & Jiang-Feng Qin 2020
GFF Controls on cobalt and nickel distribution in hydrothermal sulphide deposits in Bergslagen, Sweden - constraints from solubility modelling Nils F. Jansson & Weihua Liu 2020


Research focused on the energies and technologies that help our understanding of the Earth. 

Journal Article Authors Year Published
Big Earth Data Re-understanding of land surface albedo and related terms in satellite-based retrievals Yanmin Shuai, Latipa Tuerhanjiang, Congying Shao, et al. 2020
International Journal of Digital Earth Which variables are essential for renewable energies? Thierry Ranchin, Mélodie Trolliet, & Lionel Ménard 2019
Geology, Ecology and Landscapes GIS-based approach for modeling grid-connected solar power potential sites: a case study of East Shewa Zone, Ethiopia Abayneh Gerbo , Karuturi Venkata Suryabhagavan & Tarun Kumar Raghuvanshi 2020
Exploration Geophysics S-Wave velocity structure exploration of sedimentary layers using seismic interferometry on strong motion records Kosuke Chimoto & Hiroaki Yamanaka 2019
Exploration Geophysics AusAEM: Australia’s airborne electromagnetic continental-scale acquisition program Alan Yusen Ley-Cooper, Ross C. Brodie & Murray Richardson 2019
Exploration Geophysics An integrated processing scheme for high-resolution airborne electromagnetic surveys, the SkyTEM Esben Auken, Anders Vest Christiansen & Joakim H. 2018


Research which examines the distribution and movement of groundwater in the soil and rocks of the Earth's crust.

Journal Article Authors Year Published
Big Earth Data Machine learning for energy-water nexus: challenges and opportunities Syed Mohammed Arshad Zaidi, Varun Chandola, Melissa R. Allen, et al. 2018
Big Earth Data Monitoring long-term shoreline dynamics and human activities in the Hangzhou Bay, China, combining daytime and nighttime EO data Lixia Chu, Francis Oloo, Martin Sudmanns, et al. 2020
International Journal of Digital Earth Separating the impacts of climate variability, land-use change and large reservoir operations on streamflow in the Yangtze River basin, China, using a hydrological modeling approach Ning Nie, Wanchang Zhang, Min Liu, et al. 2020
International Journal of Digital Earth Basin-wide hydrological system assessment under climate change scenarios through conceptual modelling Cenk Donmez, Suha Berberoglu, Ahmet Cilek, et al. 2019
Geology, Ecology and Landscapes Identifying major factors controlling groundwater chemistry in predominantly agricultural area of Kattumannarkoil taluk, India, using the hydrochemical processes and GIS Remy Rumuri & Manivannan R. 2020
Geology, Ecology and Landscapes Hydrological response to changing climate: a case study of large watershed, Xianning, Hubei, China Jahan Zeb Khan & Muhammad Zaheer 2020

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