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Gender and Employment

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Gender and Employment, a special article collection features research papers on gender in employment and explores gender issues in relation to the labour market and workplace.

This special article collection highlights some of the key works published in Asian Journal of Women's Studies and Gender, Technology and Development that deal with women’s participation in the workforce, the shifting gender dynamics in certain industries, gendered narratives and impacts of economic, social, and political processes on the labour market, discussing salient case studies from countries including Philippines, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and more.

About the Journal

Asian Journal of Women's Studies aims to share and disseminate information and scholarly ideas about women's issues in Asia and all over the world, with the view to develop women's studies in Asia and expand the horizon of western-centered women's studies. The journal offers research articles with a theoretical focus, voices from Asian feminist activism, country reports providing valuable information on specific subjects, and book reviews containing information on recent publications on women in Asia and elsewhere.

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Articles from Asian Journal of Women’s Studies

Title Author
Gendered jobs and occupational prestige in Turkey: Women in the hierarchy elevator Aslı Ermiş-Mert
When migrant women return: Gender role re-configurations in Sri Lankan households Vidyamali Samarasinghe
Recasting respectability: Imagination, desire and modernity among call-center workers in India Swati Mishra
The role of higher education in strengthening women’s participation in the workforce: The lived experiences of females in Japan Diane Rodriguez-Kiino
“Re-feminization” of dependent women migrants: Negotiating gender roles in the Chinese digital diaspora Yalan Huang
More than double jeopardy: An intersectional analysis of persistent income disadvantages of Chinese female migrant workers Yixuan Wang, Cheng Cheng & Yanjie Bian
Humble white apron, shameful blue uniform and empowering red union vest: Women janitors in South Korea Hyukjin Cho
Socio-cultural motivation in women’s entrepreneurship: Exploring the handloom industry in Assam Kishor Goswami, Bhabesh Hazarika & Kalpana Handique
Barriers and enablers of women’s academic careers in Pakistan Shawana Fazal, Sadaf Naz, Muhammad Ilyas Khan & David Pedder
Gender mainstreaming in politics: Perspective of female politicians from Pakistan Rubeena Zakar, Muhammad Zakria Zakar & Naqib Hamid
Evaluating Labor Force Participation of Women in Japan and Korea: Developments and Future Prospects Jean S. Kang
Empowerment vs. meritocracy discourses in Indonesian public universities: The case of female leaders Zulfa Sakhiyya & Kirsten Locke
Fortress besieged: The female working poor in the evolution of Chinese social closure Jinghong Liu

About the Journal

An international, refereed journal, Gender, Technology and Development serves as a forum for exploring the linkages between gender relations, development and/or technological change. The objective of the journal is to provide a platform for original research and theorizing on the shifting meanings of gender, as it relates to advances in science and technologies and/or to social, political, economic, and cultural change.

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Articles from Gender, Technology and Development

Title Author
Factors enabling the participation of women in income sharing among banana (musa spp.) producing households in South Imenti, Meru County, Kenya Violet Nyabaro, John Mburu & Margaret Hutchinson
How has organization benefited women in the Barbados flyingfish fishery? A look from within Maria Pena, Patrick McConney, Bertha Simmons & Neetha Selliah
Gender-inclusive value chains: the case of seaweed farming in Zamboanga Peninsula, Philippines Paul J. B. Ramirez, Teresita A. Narvaez & Earl J. Santos-Ramirez
Difficult but fulfilling: women’s lived experiences as leaders in fisherfolk organizations in Bolinao, Philippines Sheila Marie M. Dasig
Beyond the barriers: witnessing shifting gender dynamics in multinational mine jobs in Ghana Rufai Haruna Kilu
A new era for women? Some reflections on blind spots of ICT-based development projects for women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment Irem Güney-Frahm
"Corporate board gender diversity and corporate social responsibility reporting in Malaysia " Nurulyasmin Binti Ju Ahmad, Afzalur Rashid & Jeff Gow
Women’s work, survival strategies and capitalist modernization in South Indian small-scale fisheries: the case of Kerala P. Aswathy & K. Kalpana
What’s technology got to do with it? Exploring the impact of mobile phones on female sex workers’ lives and livelihood in India Subadra Panchanadeswaran, Ardra Manasi Unnithan, Shubha Chacko, Michael Brazda & Santushi Kuruppu
Unequal wage of men and women in ICT in the Czech Republic? Lea Nedomová, Milos Maryska & Petr Doucek

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