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Iberian Politics, Government and Public Policy

Virtual Special Issue from West European Politics

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West European Politics has covered politics, government and public policy in Spain and Portugal since its inception. Its very first issue contained an article by Kenneth Medhurst on “The Military and the Prospects for Spanish Democracy” (WEP, 1978, Volume 1, Issue 1), soon to be followed by pieces by the young Paul Preston on “The Spanish Constitutional Referendum of 6 December 1978” (WEP, 1979, Volume 2, Issue 2) and Tom Gallagher on “Portugal’s Bid for Democracy: The Role of the Socialist Party” (WEP, 1979, Volume 2, Issue 2).

Since then, dozens of articles and election reports published in WEP have charted the democratic maturation of the two countries; their integration into the European Union; and the long-term impact of the financial crisis on the Spanish and Portuguese political systems. The present collection contains a selection of articles and election reports that have appeared in recent years. They provide fascinating comparative insights into the commonalities and differences in the politics, government and public policy of Spain and Portugal.   

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The articles below are free-access via this page until 31 December 2020.

Article Author(s) Volume Issue Year
The political and economic causes of satisfaction with democracy in Spain – a twofold panel study Pablo Christmann & Mariano Torcal 40 6 2017
Explaining the emergence of the radical right in Spain and Portugal: salience, stigma and supply Mariana S. Mendes & James Dennison 2020
Challenging business as usual? The rise of new parties in Spain in times of crisis Guillem Vidal 41 2 2018
Economic crisis and the variety of populist response: evidence from Greece, Portugal and Spain Marco Lisi, Iván Llamazares & Myrto Tsakatika 42 6 2019
Who votes for new parties? Economic voting, political ideology and populist attitudes Hugo Marcos-Marne, Carolina Plaza-Colodro & Tina Freyburg 43 1 2020
Prime ministers in the age of austerity: an increase in the personalisation of voting behaviour Marina Costa Lobo & Frederico Ferreira da Silva 41 5 2018
Perceived government autonomy, economic evaluations, and political support during the Eurozone crisis Daniel Devine 2019
The Spanish electoral cycle of 2019: a tale of two countries Toni Rodon 2020
The 2019 Portuguese general elections Jorge M. Fernandes & Pedro C. Magalhães 43 4 2020
The will for reason: voter demand for experts in office Sebastián Lavezzolo, Luis Ramiro & Pablo Fernández-Vázquez 2020
Paths to power and ministers’ durability: the Portuguese case Carlos Seixas & Manuel Luís Costa 2019
Decentralisation and regional cabinet size: the Spanish case (1979–2015) Pau Vall-Prat & Toni Rodon 40 4 2017
A Europe of creditor and debtor states: explaining the north/south divide in the Eurozone Sofía A. Pérez 42 5 2019
Games borrower governments play: the implementation of economic adjustment programmes in Cyprus and Portugal Susanne Lütz, Sven Hilgers & Sebastian Schneider 42 7 2019
Convergence, divergence and policy: Portugal in the European Union Pedro Lains 42 5 2019

About the journal

West European Politics (WEP) has established itself as one of the most authoritative journals covering politics, government and public policy in Western Europe. Its comprehensive scope, embracing the major political developments, including the European Union, and its coverage of all national elections in Western Europe, make it essential reading for both academics and practitioners. The journal normally publishes at least two special issues per volume.

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