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Editor's Choice Collection

Forensic Sciences Research

It was a pleasure to have met you during the AAFS 2018 conference and we are pleased to present our Editor's Choice collection with specially selected articles for you to browse.

Forensic Sciences Research is an Open Access journal. All our articles can be browsed on our journal homepage.

If you'd like to submit your paper to Forensic Sciences Research, more information can be found: here.

Article Title Author
A new challenge for expert witnesses relying on subjective information Barry A J Fisher
The Humanitarian and Human Rights Resource Center: support to address global forensic issues Douglas H. Ubelaker
The increase of firearm-related violence in Sweden Ardavan Khoshnood
Guidelines for Collection of Biological Samples for Clinical and Forensic Toxicological Analysis Ricardo Jorge Dinis-Oliveira, Duarte Nuno Vieira & Teresa Magalhães
Research progress in the estimation of the postmortem interval by Chinese forensic scholars Chengzhi Li, Qi Wang, Yinming Zhang, Hancheng Lin, Ji Zhang, Ping Huang & Zhenyuan Wang
Modern post-mortem imaging: an update on recent developments Silke Grabherr, Coraline Egger, Raquel Vilarino, Lorenzo Campana, Melissa Jotterand & Fabrice Dedouit
Microscopic examination of pituitary glands in cases of fatal accidental hypothermia Elke Doberentz & Burkhard Madea
Analytical data supporting the “theoretical” postmortem redistribution factor (Ft): a new model to evaluate postmortem redistribution Iain M. McIntyre
Metabolism and metabolomics of ketamine: a toxicological approach Ricardo Jorge Dinis-Oliveira
Quantitative analysis of opioids and cannabinoids in wastewater samples Alethea Jacox, Jillian Wetzel, Shu-Yuan Cheng & Marta Concheiro
Accident or crime? About the meaning of face injuries inflicted by blunt force Vera Sterzik, David Duckwitz & Michael Bohnert
Massively parallel sequencing of 231 autosomal SNPs with a custom panel: a SNP typing assay developed for human identification with Ion Torrent PGM Suhua Zhang, Yingnan Bian, Anqi Chen, Hancheng Zheng, Yuzhen Gao, Yiping Hou & Chengtao Li
An approach to quantifying the plausibility of the inadvertent download defence Richard E. Overill & Kam-Pui Chow