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Breaking Dimensions and Resolutions of Forest Remote Sensing Data

European Journal of Remote Sensing: an Open Access journal

During the last decade we are witnessing global climate change leading to high frequency of disasters such as hurricanes, droughts, forest fires, landslides, forest decline, insect outbreaks or floods. This situation requires developing decision support systems (DSS) for risks and damage assessment to adapt appropriate forest management planning strategies. Remote sensing technologies and GIS are important to forest DSS, but their implementation into forest practice still could be adopted more widely and more efficiently than in the past. At the same time, in the field of forestry applications, a significant number of new remote sensing sensors and platforms delivering 2D and 3D very high resolution data, as well as far advanced automated data processing methods (like GEOBIA) were developed and are used for forest applications. Some of the state of the art sensors and technical solutions will be available very soon on the RS market (like Sentinel-2) or, are announced for the upcoming months (e.g. WorldView-4, EnMAP).

The Special Issue Breaking dimensions and resolutions of forest remote sensing data of the European Journal of Remote Sensing (EuJRS) is pleased to highlight a broad range of high quality papers focused on the newest operational techniques to improve the inventory methods, monitoring and management or protection practices used in the forests. 

European Journal of Remote Sensing

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