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Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
Publishes reviews of current food science and technology concerning human nutrition, diet and disease, additives, nutrients and their bioavailability.
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Food Reviews International
Publishes reviews on food production, processing, additives, safety, acceptability, packaging and transport, and food, nutrition and health relationships.
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International Journal of Food Sciences and Nutrition
Publishes international research on food science and nutrition, including bioavailability of nutrients, dietary requirements and consumer science.
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Food Additives & Contaminants, Part B:
Publishes surveillance data on food colors, sweeteners, preservatives, drug and pesticide residues and contaminants in human and animal food and supplements.
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Food Additives & Contaminants Part A
Publishes research on natural and man-made additives and contaminants in food, including pesticide, environmental contaminants, plant toxins and mycotoxins.
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International Journal of Food Properties
Open-access research on food properties like food measurement methods; food property data, databases, artificial intelligence applications; and food technology.
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Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems
Publishes research on agroecology and alternative food systems for sustainable agriculture, food security, conservation and multifunctional landscapes.
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CYTA – Journal of Food
Open-access research on analysis of food chemistry, microbiology, biotechnology, nutrition and physiology; additives and toxins; quality control and packaging.
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Food Biotechnology
Research on genetic, enzymatic, metabolic and microbial food processing; biochemical approaches to food safety, quality and waste remediation; food microbiomes.
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Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition
Publishes papers on global food and water system issues that impact food and water access, natural resources, nutrition, human health and ecological health.
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Food authenticity technology has gained increasing importance in the food markets and food industry as more and more consumers demand for credible information about the food they consume.

Plant-based foods are leading the market growth rate and innovation worldwide. This is linked to different drivers, such as life-style choices, dietary restrictions, or sustainability.
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