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Female Fandom: A Global Perspective

Football supporter cultures have been studied and analysed since the 1960s from historical, economic, sociological, cultural, and psychological perspectives. While most previous research has focused on men, a number of studies produced in recent years have analysed female supporters. In Europe, the number of female spectators at matches has increased steadily, and women represent 20–30 per cent of football fans in countries like England, Germany, and Sweden. Even the fans who follow football through (social) media consist of more and more girls and women.

The increasing interest for girls and women to follow football, both live and through old and new media, raises important issues regarding politics, engagement, identity, gender, and power relations in the world’s most popular sport. FIFA, UEFA, national teams and organisations as well as local clubs are involved in this transition, trying to transform football from a single-gendered spectator sport to a diversified supporter landscape.

This special issue of Soccer & Society highlights female fandom in a global perspective. We welcome multi-disciplinary approaches to the theme.

All research areas of interest related to (but not confined to) the following list are encouraged:

  1. Female fans in Africa, the Arab countries, Asian countries, the Americas, Europe
  2. Media coverage, Social media use
  3. Gender
  4. Local and national identity
  5. Arenas
  6. Fan communities, Fan socialization
  7. Commodification
  8. Activism and politics
  9. Cultural aspects; Ultras &Tifos, Generational aspects, Authenticity, Discrimination


Submission of abstracts (300–400 words) to the guest editors: 1 May 2020

Invitation to authors of selected papers: 1 June 2020

Submission of the first draft: 1 October 2020

Communication to authors of comments/queries after review: 1 December 2020

Submission of the final paper: 1 January 2021

Submission of special issue to Soccer & Society: 1 March 2021


All submissions are to be sent to both guest editors:

Aage Radmann, (Norwegian School of Sport Sciences) (Email: [email protected])

Susanna Hedenborg,(Malmo University) (Email:[email protected])

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