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Hydrological Sciences Journal

Featured Article Page

The co-editors of Hydrological Sciences Journal select a highly topical article to highlight in each issue. Each featured article is made free-to-view through this page only until 31st December 2020.

The current featured articles are listed below. Bookmark this page as it gets updated for each issue published online.

Title Author Volume Issue
Assessment of past flood changes across Europe based on flood-generating processes Yeshewatesfa Hundecha, Juraj Parajka & Alberto Viglione. 65 11
Uncertainty assessment in river flow projections for Ethiopia’s Upper Awash Basin using multiple GCMs and hydrological models Wilson C. H. Chan, Julian R. Thompson, Richard G. Taylor, et al. 65 10
Socio-hydrology with hydrosocial theory: two sides of the same coin? Alexander Ross & Heejun Chang. 65 9
The big picture of field hydrology studies in Brazil Davi C. D. Melo, Jamil A. A. Anache, Cristiano das N. Almeida, et al. 65 8
A methodology for simple and fast streamflow modelling Evangelos Rozos. 65 7
Impacts of droughts on low flows and water quality near power stations Gianbattista Bussi & Paul G. Whitehead 65 6
E-monitoring the nature of water Silvano Pecora & Harry F. Lims 65 5
Quantifying the relative impact of hydrological and hydraulic modelling parameterizations on uncertainty of inundation maps A. Annis, F. Nardi, E. Volpi, et al. 65 4
A multilinear discrete Nash-cascade model for stage-hydrograph routing in compound river channels Bhabagrahi Sahoo, Muthiah Perumal, Tommaso Moramarco, et al. 65 3
Exploring socio-hydrological determinants of crop yield in under-performing irrigation schemes: pathways for sustainable intensification Muhammad Khalifa, Nadir Ahmed Elagib, Bashir Mohammed Ahmed, et al. 65 2
Improved estimators of correlation and R2 for skewed hydrologic data Caitline Barber, Jonathan R. Lamontagne & Richard M. Vogel. 65 1
Quantifying the impact of climate variables on reference evapotranspiration in Pearl River Basin, China Tao Zhang, Yangbo Chen & Kyaw Tha Paw U. 64 16
Timescale-based flood typing to estimate temporal changes in flood frequencies Svenja Fischer, Andreas Schumann & Philipp Bühler. 64 15
Comparing 2D capabilities of HEC-RAS and LISFLOOD-FP on complex topography Iuliia Shustikova, Alessio Domeneghetti, et al. 64 14
Enhancing streamflow forecasting using the augmenting ensemble procedure coupled machine learning models: case study of Aswan High Dam Mohammad Rezaie-Balf, Sujay Raghavendra Naganna, et al. 64 13
Updating estimates of low-streamflow statistics to account for possible trends Annalise G. Blum, Stacey A. Archfield, Robert M. Hirsch, et al. 64 12

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