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Hydrological Sciences Journal

Featured Article Page

The co-editors of Hydrological Sciences Journal select a 'Featured Article' to highlight in each issue. This ‘Featured Article’ is made free-to-view for a limited time. The current Featured Articles are listed below. Simply click on the article titles to start reading today.

TitleAuthorVolume Issue
A hybrid optimization approach for efficient calibration of computationally intensive hydrological models
Pierre-Luc Huot, A. Poulin, C. Audet & S. Alarie6410
Time’s arrow in stochastic characterization and simulation of atmospheric and hydrological processesDemetris Koutsoyiannis649
Merging multi-source precipitation products or merging their simulated hydrological flows to improve streamflow simulationQian Zhu, Xichao Gao, Yue-Ping Xu & Ye Tian648
An improved nonstationary model for flood frequency analysis and its implication for the Three Gorges Dam, China
Qianjin Dong, Xu Zhang, Upmanu Lall, Yan-Fang Sang & Ping Xie647
The influence of dependence in characterizing multi-variable uncertainty for climate change impact assessments
Sajjad Eghdamirad, Fiona Johnson, Ashish Sharma & Joong Hoon Kim646
A continuous modelling approach for design flood estimation on sub-daily time scale
B. Winter, K. Schneeberger, N. Dun, M. Huttenlau, S. Achleitner, J. Stötter, B. Merz & S. Vorogushyn645
Systematic increase in model complexity helps to identify dominant streamflow mechanisms in two small forested basins
Paula David, Debora Oliveria, Fernando Grison, Masato Kobiyama & Pedro Chaffe644
Uncertainty in stage–discharge rating curves: application to Australian Hydrologic Reference Stations dataThomas A. McMahon & Murray C. Peel643
Development of a flood water level estimation method using satellite images and a digital elevation model for the Mekong floodplainKenji Tanaka, Yoichi Fujihara, Keisuke Hoshikawa , et al. 642
Knowable moments for high-order stochastic characterization and modelling of hydrological processesDemetris Koutsoyiannis641
Comparison of ten notable meteorological drought indices on tracking the effect of drought on streamflow
Dimitrios Myronidis, Dimitrios Fotakis, Konstantinos Ioannou, et al. 6315-16
Multi-tracer assessment of seasonal water source changes in coastal water systems along the southeastern coast of Ivory Coast (West Africa)Isimemen Osemwegie, Christine Stumpp, Jean Biemi, et al. 6315-16
Evaluating model performance: towards a non-parametric variant of the Kling-Gupta efficiency
Sandra Pool, Marc Vis & Jan Seibert6313-14
Coupling the terrestrial hydrology model with biogeochemistry to the integrated LAND surface model: Amazon Basin applications
Aline Anderson de Castro, Luz Adriana Cuartas, Michael T. Coe, et al.6313-14
Kernel distributed residual function in a revised multiple order autoregressive model and its applications in hydrology
Nesa Ilich, Amr Gharib & Evan G.R. Davies6312
Tracer-based estimation of temporal variation of water sources: an insight from supra- and subglacial environments
Naveen Kumar, A.L. Ramanathan, Tirumalesh Keesari, et al.6311
Multi-objective autocalibration of SWAT model for improved low flow performance for a small snowfed catchment
Vinod Chilkoti, Tirupati Bolisetti & Ram Balachandar6310
On the importance of soil moisture in calibration of rainfall–runoff models: two case studies
Mahshid Shahrban, Jeffrey P. Walker, Q.J. Wang, et al.639
Evaluation of four hydrological models for operational flood forecasting in a Canadian Prairie watershed
Fisaha Unduche, Habtamu Tolossa, Degefa Senbeta, et al.638
Assessment and evaluation of potential climate change impact on monsoon flows using machine learning technique over Wainganga River basin, India
Jew Das & Umamahesh V. Nanduri637
Using stable water isotopes to identify spatio-temporal controls on groundwater recharge in two contrasting East African aquifer systems
Samson Oiro, Jean-Christophe Comte, Chris Soulsby, et al.636
Timing the time of concentration: shedding light on a paradox
Eleni Maria Michailidi, Sylvia Antoniadi, Antonis Koukouvinos, et al.635
Detection of trends in magnitude and frequency of flood peaks across Europe
Walter Mangini, Alberto Viglione, Julia Hall, et al.634
Techniques for assessing water infrastructure for nonstationary extreme events: a review
J. D. Salas, J. Obeysekera & R. M. Vogel633
Measurements and Observations in the XXI century (MOXXI): innovation and multi-disciplinarity to sense the hydrological cycle
Flavia Tauro, John Selker, Nick van de Giesen, et al.632
Flood hazard mapping in Southern Brazil: a combination of flow frequency analysis and the HAND model
Gustavo Andrei Speckhann, Pedro Luiz Borges Chaffe, Roberto Fabris Goerl, et al.631