Rawls at 100

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A Virtual Special Issue: Rawls at 100

John Rawls was born a 100 years ago and his A Theory of Justice was published 50 years ago in 1971, inaugurating a revival in analytical political philosophy. CRISPP has only been in existence for half that period, but nonetheless forms part of the Rawlsean renaissance, with over 400 of the articles we’ve published so far engaging critically with his work – be it to defend, develop or reject it. This issue makes available a small selection of these articles that range over the entirety of his work – from A Theory of Justice to the Law of Peoples, and seek to apply or dispute its insights to a broad set of issues and public policies – from climate change to global fair trade, from disability to basic income, from stability to modus vivendi, and from luck egalitarianism to fair competition.

Please enjoy the following articles with free access until December 31, 2021.

Article Title Author(s) Volume & Issue Year
Radical liberalism, Rawls and the welfare state: justifying the politics of basic income Simon Birnbaum 13 (4) 2010
Cohen vs. Rawls on justice and equality J. Donald Moon 18 (1) 2015
Fairness in international economic cooperation: moving beyond Rawls’s duty of assistance Sylvie Loriaux 15 (1) 2012
Rawls and climate change: does Rawlsian political philosophy pass the global test? Stephen M. Gardiner 14 (2) 2011
Justice as fairness and bad luck Robert van der Veen 22 (3) 2019
In defense of the duty to assist: a response to critics on the viability of a Rawlsian approach to climate change Sarah Kenehan 18 (3) 2015
Towards Rawlsian ‘property-owning democracy’ through personal data platform cooperatives Paul-Olivier Dehaye, Ernst Hafen, Michele Loi 2020
Hobbes’s and Locke’s Contract Theories: Political not Metaphysical Deborah Baumgold 8 (3) 2005
Who’s afraid of a world state? A global sovereign and the statist-cosmopolitan debate Shmuel Nili 18 (3) 2015
High liberalism and weak economic freedoms Katy Wells 21 (6) 2018
Just politics Glen Newey 15 (2) 2012
Ideals of justice: goals vs. constraints Anthony Simon Laden 16 (2) 2013
Luck, opportunity and disability Cynthia A. Stark 16 (3) 2013
Why should we care about competition? Waheed Hussain 21 (5) 2018
Coercive redistribution and public agreement: re‐evaluating the libertarian challenge of charity Clare Chambers, Philip Parvin 13 (1) 2010
Instability and modus vivendi Nat Rutherford 2018
The problem of stability and the ethos-based solution Cristian Pérez Muñoz 19 (2) 2016

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