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Expert Review of Vaccines

Now an Open Access Journal

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Expert Review of Vaccines is converting to Open Access

Expert Review of Vaccines is a MEDLINE-indexed, international journal publishing rigorously peer-reviewed research in the development, application, and clinical effectiveness of new vaccines.

The vaccine field has been transformed by recent technological advances, but there remain many challenges in the delivery of cost-effective, safe vaccines. Expert Review of Vaccines facilitates decision making to drive forward this exciting field.

We have listened to the needs of the research community in this area and that is why we’re pleased to announce the journal will be moving to an Open Access model. By making Expert Review of Vaccines open access, research published in the journal will be available to the widest possible audience and therefore can make a greater contribution to the vaccine research community. Beginning 26th July 2022, all manuscripts submitted to the journal will, if accepted, be required to pay an article publishing charge (APC) which can be covered by an author’s funder or institution. We look forward to receiving your submissions and welcome your support in this exciting new open access chapter for the journal. Use the Open Access cost finder to find information on APC fees.

The journal features cutting edge reviews and original articles on vaccines, the immune response, and the powerful impact of immunization against infectious diseases. We also cover vaccine technologies and platforms, adjuvants, therapeutic vaccines and vaccination for the control of non-communicable diseases.  

 Alongside review articles, the journal welcomes clinically relevant and novel original research. Pharmacoeconomic studies are considered if there is clear clinical relevance. Please note that the journal does not publish case reports or animal studies. Letters to the Editor should discuss articles previously published in the journal.

Why publish open access?

  • Increase the visibility and readership of your research by publishing in a fully open access journal.

  • Make an impact beyond the academy by making your article accessible to anyone, anywhere (including readers in industry and even policy-makers).

  • Freely share your work with no restrictions or paywall.

  • Retain ownership of your research through our unrestrictive publishing agreements.

  • Discounts and waivers for researchers in developing countries are available. The journal will also consider requests for discretionary APC waivers. Find out if your institution or country has an open access agreement to publish with us.

    Expert Review of Vaccines is particularly interested in receiving manuscripts on:

    • SARS-CoV-2 vaccines

    • Malaria vaccines

    • HIV vaccines

    • Tuberculosis vaccines

    • mRNA vaccine technology

    • Cancer vaccines

    • Vaccines for neglected tropical diseases

    • Pneumococcal vaccines

    • Flu vaccines


      Dr. Andrew J. Pollard obtained his medical degree from St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical School, University of London in 1989 and a PhD from St. Mary’s Hospital, London in 1999 after training in pediatric infectious diseases at hospitals in the UK and Canada. He is Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Oxford and an honorary consultant pediatrician at Oxford Children’s Hospital.

      His current research focuses on the design, development and clinical evaluation of vaccines for multiple diseases including COVID-19, typhoid, Ebola, and influenza. He was the chief investigator for the clinical trials of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine in 2020, which led to authorization of the vaccine for use in more than 175 countries with over 2.5 billion doses distributed by the end of 2021

      Author of more than 500 peer-reviewed articles and books on various topics in pediatrics and infectious diseases, Dr. Pollard is considered one of the top researchers on immunizations in the global medical community. In 2021, he received a knighthood at the Queen’s Birthday Honours for his services to Public Health, especially during the pandemic.

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