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Expert Opinion on Orphan Drugs is converting to Open Access

Expert Opinion on Orphan Drugs  is an international journal publishing rigorously peer-reviewed review articles and original papers on rare diseases and orphan drugs. Each article is structured to incorporate the author’s own expert opinion on the impact of the topic on research and clinical practice and the scope for future development.

We have listened to the needs of the research community in this area and that is why we’re pleased to announce the journal has moved to an Open Access model. By making Expert Opinion on Orphan Drugs open access, research published in the journal will be available to the widest possible audience and therefore can make a greater contribution to the medicine and drug development research community. All manuscripts submitted to the journal will, if accepted, be required to pay an article publishing charge (APC) which can be covered by an author’s funder or institution. We look forward to receiving your submissions and welcome your support in this exciting new open access chapter for the journal. Use the Open Access cost finder to find information on APC fees.

Expert Opinion on Orphan Drugs aims to draw a spotlight on diseases that do not have a high prevalence but have a huge impact on patients and their clinicians, through valuable and high-quality expert insights. In a field which is ever-growing and changing,  Expert Opinion on Orphan Drugs is committed to acting as a reliable beacon of guidance and support for researchers, clinicians, patients and advocacy groups in order to optimise research, development, management and quality of life of rare disease patients.

Articles focus on the following key areas:

  • Diagnostics, pharmacogenomics and screening;

  • Public health and epidemiology;

  • Drug development;

  • Lead generation and discovery;

  • Early or late phase clinical trials;

  • Regulatory issues;

  • Post-marketing safety and treatment outcomes.

Why publish open access?

  • Increase the visibility and readership of your research by publishing in a fully open access journal.

  • Make an impact beyond the academy by making your article accessible to anyone, anywhere (including readers in industry and even policy-makers).

  • Freely share your work with no restrictions or paywall.

  • Retain ownership of your research through our unrestrictive publishing agreements.

  • Discounts and waivers for researchers in developing countries are available. The journal will also consider requests for discretionary APC waivers. Find out if your institution or country has an open access agreement to publish with us.

    Expert Opinion on Orphan Drugs  is particularly interested in receiving manuscripts on:

    • Diagnostics, pharmacogenomics and screening

    • Public health and epidemiology

    • Drug development

    • Lead generation and discovery

    • Early or late phase clinical trials

    • Regulatory issues

    • Post-marketing safety and treatment outcomes

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