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About the special issue

Almost 50 years ago, visionary researchers put forward the idea that gene therapy might be used to treat human disease. Fast-forward to today, and gene therapies have been FDA approved for both inherited retinal dystrophy and spinal muscular atrophy, two debilitating conditions whereby gene therapy can provide durable improvements in patient health.

However, the journey from concept to clinic in gene therapy is no easy task; safety data from early-stage clinical trials demonstrated a pressing need to conduct more basic research. It is because of this research that discoveries at the bench are moving increasingly towards the bedside, and a green light has been given for dozens of additional gene therapies to begin clinical testing. These treatments hold promise for treating a wide range of diseases including cystic fibrosis, cancer, diabetes, hemophilia, heart disease, HIV and more.

To show our commitment to this vital area of research, Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy is publishing a best-in-class special issue on Gene Therapy in the summer of 2022. With contributions from world-class key opinion leaders from across academia and industry, the issue will be packed with original research, reviews and editorial articles covering early-stage research through to clinical trials: a one-stop-shop for all things gene therapy.

Submission Information

3-5 week submission deadline: 3rd February 2022
7-9 week submission deadline: 17rd February 2022

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Commissioning Editor: Alex Dearman

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