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Expert Collection Editorial Calendar 2021

Publish your research in the world's most comprehensive series of review journals.

Comprised of 28 peer-reviewed titles across two series, Expert Opinion & Expert Review, read by thousands of researchers and physicians world-wide, the Expert Collection is the world’s largest series of review journals in research, development and clinical medicine. Each of the themed issues will be a one-stop resource for those interested in the field. By publishing your article in the Expert Collection themed issues, you can reap the benefits of the collection’s visibility and high impact. If you have any questions about publishing in one of our themed issues get in touch with our expert editorial team .

If time is critical in your publishing strategy, our Accelerated Publication options can help you get your research into a high-quality, peer-reviewed journal, fast. With the support of our expert editors, accelerated publication allows you to stay ahead of the competition, as well as coincide publication with key events.  Our Fast Track service is the fastest way to publish, with peer review completed in 1-2 weeks.

See below for the upcoming topics for our semi-themed issues and their associated deadlines.

Please note that page support fees apply for Fast Track and Rapid Track and submissions are subject to peer-review.


Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy

IF: 3.224


Theme: Antibody-Drug Conjugates

Submit by:

Rapid Track: 1st October 2020

Fast Track: 15th October 2020


Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs

IF: 5.081



Theme: Biliary Tract Cancer: Emerging and Novel Therapeutic Targets

Submit by:

Rapid Track: 1st November 2020

Fast Track: 15th November 2020

Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets

IF: 5.473



Theme: Therapeutic Targets of Novel and Re-Emerging Life-Threatening Viruses

Submit by:

Rapid Track: 1st December 2020

Fast Track: 15th December 2020

Expert Opinion on Drug Metabolism & Toxicology

IF: 3.470



Theme: Alternatives to Animal Models in Drug Design and Toxicology

Submit by:

Rapid Track: 1st January 2021

Fast Track: 15th January 2021

Expert Review of Pharmacoeconomics & Outcomes Research

IF: 2.032



Theme: Pharmacoeconomics in Oncology: Direct and Indirect Costs

Submit by:

Rapid Track: 1st March 2021

Fast Track: 15th March 2021

Expert Review of Gastroenterology & Hepatology

IF: 3.514



Theme:  Cholangiocarcinoma: is it time for a revolution?

Submit by:

Rapid Track: 1st April 2021

Fast Track: 15th April 2021


Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine

IF: 2.725



Theme: COVID-19

Submit by:

Rapid Track: 1st April 2021

Fast Track: 15th April 2021

Expert Review of Anti-infective Therapy

IF: 3.767



Theme: Zoonotic Diseases

Submit by:

Rapid Track: 1st May 2021

Fast Track: 15th May 2021

Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics

IF: 3.743



Theme: Epilepsy

Submit by:

Rapid Track: 1st June 2021

Fast Track: 15th June 2021


Expert Review of Vaccines

IF: 4.362




Theme: Vaccine Development for Neglected Tropical Diseases

Submit by:

Rapid Track: 1st June 2021

Fast Track: 15th June 2021


Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy

IF: 2.878



Theme: Diabetic Pharmacotherapy

Submit by:

Rapid Track: 1st July 2021

Fast Track: 15th July 2021

Expert Review of Hematology

IF: 2.573



Theme: Multiple Myeloma

Submit by:

Rapid Track: 1st August 2021

Fast Track: 15th August 2021


Contact Commissioning Editor Edward Spofford at [email protected] if you would like to contribute.