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Events and Sustainability

Call for Papers

Abstract Deadline: 31 July 2019

Guest Editors

Dr Judith Mair, University of Queensland, Australia

Dr Andrew Smith, University of Westminster, UK

Journal of Sustainable Tourism

Journal of Sustainable Tourism publishes theoretical, conceptual and empirical research that explores one or more of the economic, social, cultural, political, organisational or environmental aspects of the subject.

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The proliferation of festivals and events in the experience economy has been accompanied by growing interest in events amongst academics, researchers and students. Just as tourism studies emerged from work more narrowly focused on tourism management, there is now a body of work in event studies that goes beyond managerial analyses towards a more critical approach that examines the wider significance of events. This special edition aims to contribute to this emerging field by examining the relationship between events and sustainability.

To date, most literature has tended to focus on how individual events can be made more sustainable.  This special edition aims to make a more broad-based contribution – by examining how events can contribute to sustainability ambitions and sustainable development goals. Events are powerful modes of communication, engagement and affiliation; and they are also associated with innovation, experimentation and transgressive behaviours. These qualities suggest they might provide useful vehicles with which to promote more sustainable technologies, attitudes and behaviours.

Rather than merely trying to understand how best to limit negative impacts, there is a need for research that aims to assess the potential of events as tools for promoting, provoking and delivering sustainability. We are keen that the collection is not limited to environmental sustainability, and we welcome papers that address the contribution of festivals and events to communities and societies including issues such as social equity / inclusion, and also papers examining the role of events in sustainable economic development.

Possible topics – including but not limited to:

  • Festivals and events as public policy tools
  • The outcomes of sustainability-focussed events (e.g. ecofests, Formula E, World Expos)
  • Legacies for community/society
  • Community engagement in event projects
  • Diversity and events; events as ways of achieving inter-cultural exchange
  • Festivals and events as prototypes for new ways of living (e.g. Burning Man)
  • Social inclusion/exclusion at events;
  • Mega-events and sustainable urban development
  • Leveraging events to achieve sustainable development
  • The limitations of event greening

All submissions should aim to extend theoretical and empirical knowledge in the field of event sustainability. Case studies or replication studies will not be considered for publication in this issue.

Submission guidelines

Expressions of interest/abstract due: Friday July 31st 2019

Invitations to submit full papers: before March 30th 2020

Anticipated special issue publication early 2021 (note that early submissions are welcome and if accepted will be available online well before the full special issue is published).

Expressions of interest are welcomed in the form of a short abstract (max 300 words), to be sent to both of the co-editors, A/P Judith Mair (j.mair@uq.edu.au) and Dr Andrew Smith (A.Smith@westminster.ac.uk ).

The guest editors welcome contributions from researchers and practitioners from around the world to contribute manuscripts for the special issue.
Contributors have to follow the Journal’s Instructions for Authors.
An invitation from the guest editors to submit a full paper does not guarantee publication.
All full paper submissions will be subject to the normal peer review processes of the Journal of Sustainable Tourism.