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Call for Special Issue Proposals

To honor the memory of its longtime editorial assistant Agnes SkamballisEuropean Societies plans to publish a special issue on the social aspects of disability. We are particularly interested in original and under-researched dimensions of disability, both in terms of social causes (for example, mental disability due to workplace harassment or childhood adversities) and in terms of social consequences (for example, links to parenthood or sexuality). Although coherence in a special issue is a concern, we prioritise quality, on the condition that all articles are related to the theme of the Call. For this issue in particular, we intend to accept a maximum of 10 articles. The special issue proposal can be submitted by a single editor or a team.

The general guidelines and our assessment criteria for this special issues can be found here. Please have a close look at these before submitting. Proposals can be submitted to [email protected] until 23:59 CET January 15, 2024. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, but you have not done something similar before, we suggest you start by drafting a statement of intent regarding the content of the issue as you see it, then discuss it with your prospective contributors as soon as possible. This will give you the time to adjust the content, building on the comments and availability of the colleagues that you have contacted.

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