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Ethnic and Racial Studies Resource Centre

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Most Cited Articles
Between nationalism and civilizationism: the European populist moment in comparative perspective
Rogers Brubaker
Articulations of Islamophobia: from the extreme to the mainstream?
Aurelien Mondon & Aaron Winter
The social media response to Black Lives Matter: how Twitter users interact with Black Lives Matter through hashtag use
Jelani Ince, Fabio Rojas & Clayton A. Davis
Coping with everyday bordering: Roma migrants and gatekeepers in Helsinki
Miika Tervonen & Anca Enache
#SayHerName: a case study of intersectional social media activism
Melissa Brown, Rashawn Ray, Ed Summers & Neil Fraistat
The shifting boundaries of (un)documentedness: a gendered understanding of migrants’ employment-based legalization pathways in Italy
Paola Bonizzoni
Mooring “super-diversity” to a brutal migration milieu
Suzanne M. Hall
The “migrant crisis” as racial crisis: do Black Lives Matter in Europe?
Nicholas De Genova
The contested politics of naming in Europe’s “refugee crisis”
Nando Sigona
Should I stay or should I go? Why Roma migrants leave or remain in nomad camps
Chiara Manzoni
Racism, Crisis, Brexit
Satnam Virdee & Brendan McGeever
“Whoever decides for you without you, s/he is against you!”: immigrant activism and the role of the Left in political racialization
Teresa M. Cappiali
U.S. racial and ethnic relations in the twenty-first century
Zulema Valdez & Tanya Golash-Boza
Precarious legality: regularizing Central American migrants in Mexico
Tanya Basok & Martha L. Rojas Wiesner
Beyond ethnic entrenchment and amelioration: an analysis of non-sectarian social movements and Lebanon’s consociationalism
John Nagle
Most Read Articles
Parents of foreign “terrorist” fighters in Syria – will they report their young?
Imran Awan & Surinder Guru
The social media response to Black Lives Matter: how Twitter users interact with Black Lives Matter through hashtag use
Jelani Ince, Fabio Rojas & Clayton A. Davis
Race and ethnicity in context: international migration, political mobilization, and the welfare state
Anna Zamora-Kapoor, Francisco Javier Moreno Fuentes & Martin Schain
The multiplier effect: how the accumulation of cultural and social capital explains steep upward social mobility of children of low-educated immigrants
Maurice Crul, Jens Schneider, Elif Keskiner & Frans Lelie
Boundaries of belief: religious practices and the construction of ethnic identity in Hui Muslim communities
David R. Stroup
Structural assimilation in young first-, second- and third-generation migrants in Flanders
Floor Verhaeghe, Lieve Bradt, Mieke Van Houtte & Ilse Derluyn
Ferguson and the death of Michael Brown on Twitter: #BlackLivesMatter, #TCOT, and the evolution of collective identities
Rashawn Ray, Melissa Brown, Neil Fraistat & Edward Summers
Immigration, Christian faith communities, and the practice of multiculturalism in the U.S. South
Caroline Nagel & Patricia Ehrkamp
Perceived advantages: the influence of urban and suburban neighbourhood context on the socialization and adaptation of Mexican immigrant young men
Florian Sichling & Benjamin J. Roth
Talking back to controlling images: Latinos’ changing responses to racism over the life course
Jessica Vasquez-Tokos & Kathryn Norton-Smith
“Race” versus “ethnicity”? Critical race essentialism and the exclusion and oppression of migrants in the Netherlands
Hans Siebers
Practices of change in the education sector: professionals dealing with ethnic school segregation
Ismintha Waldring
Being a freshie is (not) cool: stigma, capital and disgust in British Pakistani stereotypes of new subcontinental migrants
Katharine Charsley & Marta Bolognani
The relation between religiosity and Muslims’ social integration: a two-wave study of recent immigrants in three European countries
Mieke Maliepaard & Diana D. Schacht
Defining “American” in the context of immigration: a case study of Helping Hands Elementary
Cristina L. Lash
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