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Ethnic and Racial Studies has led the field in shaping our understanding of the changing formations and complexities of race, ethnicity, nation and migration over the past four decades. A truly interdisciplinary and global journal which brings together leading scholars in the field with new scholars, new voices and new challenges, and which continually breaks new theoretical and empirical ground. ERS sets the standard for others to follow and its presence remains as, if not more, urgent today than ever."

Claire Alexander, Professor of Sociology, The University of Manchester
"Ethnic and Racial Studies continues, after 40 years, to be the leading journal in the field. It provides essential reading for those working on all aspects of race, ethnicity and migration publishing the highest quality inter-disciplinary, global and comparative research and scholarship. Ethnic and Racial Studies sets the agendas and advances the field theoretically, empirically and methodologically."

Alice Bloch, Professor of Sociology, The University of Manchester
"For almost forty-years, ERS has served as a platform for serious work in the broad area of racial and ethnic affairs. Unlike many other journals, ERS has remained open to new thinking and currents in the field as well as to innovative theoretical and methodological approaches to the subjects. Nevertheless, what I like the most about ERS is its unwavering commitment to racial and ethnic justice showing the social scientific community that there is no contradiction between having a passion for rigorous work and analysis and a complete dedication to building an inclusive and democratic world."

Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, Professor of Sociology, Duke University
"Ethnic and Racial Studies has established itself over its 40 years of publication as the leading journal for understanding the increasingly complex issues of racial and ethnic identities. It has moved with the times, broadening its initial European focus to become global in scope. In the 21st century it remains invaluable to a third generation of readers and authors."

Stephen Castles, Honorary Professor of Sociology, The University of Sydney
"Besides its excellence both theoretically and empirically, ERS impresses me with its ability to drive innovative thinking and to constantly re-question the field; its courage to engage with surprising and sometimes controversial perspectives; its receptiveness to a variety of approaches; and its truly international comprehensiveness. I cannot work without this journal which has provided over the years a constant inspiration for research and teaching. To be amongst its contributors is a source of pride and motivation."

Milena Chimienti, Professor of Sociology, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland
"For many decades now Ethnic and Racial Studies has been the premier journal to address complex issues of ‘race' and ethnicity in a consistently innovative yet highly readable way, with a fine balance between theoretical insights and empirically grounded research."

Frank Dikötter, Professor of Humanities, The University of Hong Kong
"When I open the pages of ERS, I find many a study challenging established wisdom and asking substantive questions in the field of ethnicity, race, and migration. For me this journal is an indispensable source of inspiration for sharpening my research interests. ERS has helped to build a transnational community of researchers."

Thomas Faist, Professor of Sociology, Center on Migration, Citizenship and Development (COMCAD), Bielefeld University
"Ethnic and Racial Studies is on the cutting edge of new empirical and theoretical work around ethnicity and immigration. This journal sets the agenda for scholarship around the globe."

David FitzGerald, Professor of Sociology, University of California, San Diego
"Ethnic and Racial Studies is the leading journal in the study of ethnicity, racism, migration and identity. It contains theoretically challenging and methodologically rigorous pieces that keep it at the forefront of developing debates in these areas, and thus is an invaluable resource for academics, students and practitioners alike."

Jon Garland, Professor of Criminology, University of Surrey
"Ethnic and Racial Studies (ERS) is the leading interdisciplinary journal in the field of ethnic and racial studies. ERS consistently publishes high-quality theoretically and methodologically sophisticated articles that shape our understanding of race and ethnicity as well as racism and ethnocentrism. No race scholar’s bookshelf or library is complete without a subscription to ERS."

Tanya Maria Golash-Boza, Professor of Sociology, University of California, Merced
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