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Here we house our Meet the ERS Board Twitter series. Below we shine a spotlight on the people behind the journal, who work to make it the tour de force that it is. Bookmark this page and check back in to meet more members, we'll add them throughout the year as the Twitter series continues!


To view series on Twitter or join the conversation, use #MeetTheERSBoard

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The Rest of the Board....

Here are the ERS Editorial Board Members who's spotlight feature is still to come on Twitter:

Editorial Board:
Diego Acosta  - University of Bristol
Claire Alexander - University of Manchester
Kristine Aquino - University of Technology Sydney
Rawan Arar - University Of Washington
Ravinder Barn -  Royal Holloway,  University of London
Leah Bassel - University of Roehampton
Alice Bloch - University of Manchester
Ruha Benjamin - Princeton University  
Sirma Bilge - Université de Montréal  
Manuela Bojadzijev - Leuphana University Lüneburg and Humboldt University 
Eduardo Bonilla-Silva - Duke University
Nadia Brown - Purdue University
Karida Brown -  University of California, Los Angeles
Rogers Brubaker -  University of California, Los Angeles
Carson Byrd -  University of Louisville
Milena Chimienti - University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Western Switzerland
Patricia Hill Collins - University of Maryland, College Park
David Cook-Martin - New York University
Maurice Crul - Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Jennifer Elrick - McGill University
Zimitri Erasmus -  University of the Witwatesrand
Umut Erel - The Open University
Thomas Faist -  Bielefeld University, Germany
Charles Gallagher - La Salle University 
Jon Garland - University of Surrey
Kelly Gillespie - University of the Western Cape    
Douglas Hartmann - University of Minnesota
Anja van Heelsum - University of Amsterdam
Frederick E Hoxie - Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Matthew W Hughey - University of Connecticut
Tiffany Joseph - Northeastern University
Nisha Kapoor - University of Warwick
Philip Kasinitz - The Graduate Center & Hunter College, City University of New York
Shamus Khan - Columbia University  
Shahram Khosravi - Stockholm University
Helen Kim - University of Leeds
Peter Kivisto - Augustana College, Rock Island, IL and St Petersburg State University
Anna Korteweg - University of Toronto
Will Kymlicka - Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
Karyn Lacy - University of Michigan
Jennifer Lee - Columbia University
Mara Loveman - University of California, Berkeley
Jean Michaud - Université Laval, Québec
Graziella Moraes Silva - Graduate Institute Geneva and Federal University of Rio
Monica Moreno Figueroa - University of Cambridge
Ann Morning - New York University
Aldon Morris - Northwestern University
Sarah Neal - University of Sheffield
Alondra Nelson - Columbia University
Therese O’Toole - University of Bristol
Jessica Welburn Paige - University of Iowa
Yin Paradies - Deakin University
Yoav Peled - Tel-Aviv University
Alejandro Portes - Princeton University and University of Miami
Wendy D. Roth - University of Pennsylvania
Daniel Sabbagh - Sciences Po/CERI
Anamik Saha  - Goldsmiths, University of London
Liza Schuster - City University, University of London
Patrick Simon - Institut National d'Études Demographiques (INED), Paris
Tamir Sorek - University of Florida
Daiva Stasiulis - Carleton University, Ontario
John Stone (Founding Editor) - Boston University
Yasuko Takezawa - Kyoto University
Edward Telles - University of California, Santa Barbara
Debra Thompson -  University of Oregon
Vanessa Thompson  - Goethe-University Frankfurt
Van Tran  - The Graduate Centre, City University New York
Katharine Tyler - University of Exeter
Sivamohan Valluvan  - University of Warwick
Satnam Virdee - University of Glasgow
Peter Wade - University of Manchester
Roger Waldinger - University of California, Los Angeles
Alford A.Young Jr -  University of Michigan
Min Zhou - University of California, Los Angeles
Martin Bulmer -
 University of Surrey
John Solomos - University of Warwick
Associate Editor:
Christopher T. Husbands - London School of Economics and Political Science
Managing Editor:
Amanda Eastell-Bleakley - University of Surrey
[email protected]

Assistant Journal Manager:
Celia Boggust - University of Surrey 
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