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15 July 2019

Special Issue

Ethical Issues in the Delivery of Internet Interventions

The focus of this special issue is on interventions designed for the management/treatment of mental health problems as well as on interventions designed to facilitate lifestyle changes (e.g., healthier eating habits).  The evidence base in support of the efficacy and effectiveness of several internet-delivered psychological/psychosocial therapies is growing at a rapid pace.  Moreover, internet-delivered therapies are reaching populations who would otherwise not have had access to psychological services (e.g., people residing in remote and rural areas).  Along with its growing success, the field of internet-delivered therapy gives rise to numerous ethical issues including but not limited to safety of client records, cost, therapist competence, cross-jurisdictional regulation, management of suicidality and other risks, validity of online consent forms and many others. Systematic reviews and other manuscripts focusing on these and other ethical issues will be considered. We especially encourage empirical papers addressing these issues (e.g., surveys of those who deliver the intervention, client surveys etc).  Case studies illustrating complex ethical issues and their resolution will also be considered.

Submission Guidelines

Deadline for submissions of manuscripts will be July 15, 2019 but this deadline can be extended for exceptional manuscripts. If you are considering to make a submission, please contact Dr. Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, Editor-in-Chief, to discuss the submission and timelines.  This will facilitate the planning of the Special Issue.  All submissions will be subject to regular peer review and the editorial process of the journal. You can submit your manuscript through our online submission portal.

Ethics & Behavior

Table of Contents for Ethics & Behavior. List of articles from both the latest and ahead of print issues.

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