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Applied Mathematics for Traffic and Transport Systems

Transportmetrica A: Transport Science: Special Issue Call for Papers

Deadline: 1 January 2019

Traffic congestion can cause many societal problems. Road congestion leads to traffic delays, noise and pollution. This is a highly practical problem. At the same time, there are high-level mathematical relationships which describe the system, and using which the system can be optimized.

This special issue focuses on these mathematical descriptions. It discusses the simplifications, the (mathematical) properties of the system, and solving the (mathematical equations) of the system. The special issue welcomes contributions with a mathematical scope to these problems.

Within this scope, the issue covers the following areas:

  • Dynamic systems
  • Traffic flow theory
  • Network fundamental diagrams
  • Macroscopic modelling of pedestrians
  • Hyperbolic conservation laws
  • Network modelling
  • Stochastic models
  • Computational methods
  • Modelling environmental impacts
  • Automated vehicles
  • Coupling of dynamics at vehicle and road scale.

Transportmetrica A: Transport Science

Table of Contents for Transportmetrica A: Transport Science. List of articles from both the latest and ahead of print issues.

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Publisher: tandf

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Submission guidelines

Important dates

First submission deadline: 1 January 2019
Notification of first decision: 15 March 2019
Revision submission deadline: 15 June 2019
Notification of final decision: 15 September 2019
Final manuscripts deadline: 1 December 2019
Issue of publication (expected): Spring 2020

Manuscript Submission

The length of each paper, including the abstract and references, should not exceed 10,000 words. It should be noted that each table, figure, or photograph accompanying the text counts as 250 words.

Please submit the paper directly to the journal. The paper will then go through a normal peer review process.

Editorial Information

  • Special Issue Guest Editor: Dorine C. Duives, Transport & Planning, Delft University of Technology(d.c.duives@tudelft.nl)
  • Special Issue Guest Editor: Victor Knoop, Transport & Planning, Delft University of Technology(v.l.knoop@tudelft.nl)
  • Special Issue Guest Editor: Duncan van der Heul, Delft Institute for Applied Mathematics, Delft University of Technology (D.R.vanderHeul@tudelft.nl)
  • Special Issue Guest Editor: Kees Vuik, Delft Institute for Applied Mathematics, Delft University of Technology (C.Vuik@tudelft.nl)
  • Special Issue Guest Editor: Serge Hoogendoorn, Transport & Planning, Delft University of Technology(s.p.hoogendoorn@tudelft.nl)

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