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Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering

Call for Papers

Deadline: 31 December 2020

Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering is a refereed international Open Access journal, serving researchers in academic and research organizations and all practitioners in the building sector. The journal is jointly-edited by the Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ), the Architectural Institute of Korea (AIK), and the Architectural Society of China (ASC) and published bi-monthly. 

Asian academics and professionals have made efforts to find solutions to the themes derived from natural, geographical, socio-economical and cultural conditions in Asia. Their achievements have contributed to the evolution of research in the field of architecture and building engineering. For instance, achievements in structural engineering have contributed to the world by developing technology to assure safety of buildings in earthquake-prone areas. 

Asia has the largest share of the world's population with high densities in urban areas. It is a growing and the most energetic region in terms of building activities, which produces valuable empirical knowledge and lessons to architects and building engineers in Asia. It is quite significant to contribute to global architecture and building engineering by presenting the knowledge and lessons beyond linguistic barriers. 

By publishing the journal in English, it is expected that Asian wisdom and experience will be disseminated to the world. In the countries where these institutions are based, building professions can enjoy the collaborative and holistic approach because the three institutions distinctively possess the whole range of expertise relating to architecture and building engineering. 

In virtue of these, the scope of the journal involves the aspects of science, technology and art. Namely, the global environment, architectural planning and design, project management, structural engineering, structural mechanics, building materials, environmental engineering, information technology, and other fields related to built environment should be included in this journal. Global and local problems relating to built environment require holistic approach. 

The journal aims to contribute to resolve or mitigate these global and local problems by bringing together new ideas and developments from Asian countries as well as European, American and African countries. The editors welcome good quality contributions from all over the world.

Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering

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Language: en-UK

Publisher: Taylor and Francis

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Submission guidelines

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Editorial Information

  • Chief Editor: Xilin Lu, Tongji University, China
  • Associate Editor (Architectural Engineering): Moonseo Park, Seoul National University, South Korea
  • Associate Editor (Architecture): Yasuaki Onoda, Tohoku University, Japan

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