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European Social Science History Conference Article Collection

Enjoy Routledge History articles below with free access until March 31, 2020!

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Book Chapter Book Edition Author/Editor (s) First Published
Sexuality and the problem of Western civilization Desire - A History of European Sexuality 2nd Edition Anna Clark 2019
Spatial history, history, and GIS The Routledge Companion to Spatial History 1st Edition Ian Gregory, Don DeBats, Don Lafreniere 2018
Introduction: turning practice into theory Oral History Theory 2nd Edition Lynn Abrams 2016
Introduction Women's Activism - Global Perspectives from the 1890s to the Present 1st Edition Francisca de Haan, Margaret Allen, June Purvis, Krassimira Daskalova 2012
Narratives of War in the Twentieth Century Narratives of War - Remembering and Chronicling Battle in Twentieth-Century Europe 1st Edition Nanci Adler, Remco Ensel, Michael Wintle 2019
Introduction The Routledge History of Disability 1st Edition Roy Hanes, Ivan Brown, Nancy E. Hansen 2017
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